Monday, November 4, 2013

A FREE day!

Today, Jonathan stayed home from school. 
He wasn't sick. He didn't have an appointment. He just needed a day off for no reason.

I had an early morning meeting. He slept in.  He invited me to take him out to lunch.  I said, "Sure!"  We had the lunch special at the Chinese restaurant that we love.  We ate way too much.  Then we did a little shoe shopping and got home in time for him to meet his brother at the bus stop.  Tonight he is watching Monday Night Football and dancing around in the living room.

I was hopeful that his free day was all he had dreamed it would be. I asked him to be sure. Turns out it wasn't something that he dreamed about at all. He was just hoping for a day to chill and not have to go to school. Mission accomplished. Now it's back to school and no more free days. At least it will be a short week.

Sometimes, I just feel like saying "Yes!"  And then, I'm glad I did!
I hope you don't think I'm easy....or a push over.

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