Friday, April 5, 2013

Some people love it....Spring Cleaning!

What is it about spring cleaning?

I want to simplify and get rid of bags and bags of unneeded stuff.
I want to clean out cabinets, like really clean them. Spray them down with 409 and replace the shelf liners.
I want to wash curtains and base boards and vacuum under all the beds.
I want to wash the dog.
I want to label stuff and organize papers and delete old emails.
I want to clean the oven.
I want to do all of it....or let me say, I want it all done!

This week the kids were on spring break. I cleaned out one cabinet. I did our taxes. I changed all the sheets. I vacuumed the upstairs. I think that sums it up. I need a plan. I need a maid.

Do you spring clean?
Do you love it?  Some people do, so I've heard.
How do you get it all done?


  1. oh jen i LOVE spring cleaning!! now do i get to it all?? totally different story!:) but i still love it. i try to go room by room but i usually loose steam by the end. luckily i start in different places each time the motivation strikes me!:) if you find the secret formula please pass it on.
    have a great weekend jen

    love that photo and how do you get your IG pics on a slideshow on your sidebar??:)

    1. for the Instagram gallery. Easy!

  2. I want to do all of those things, too! This week during Spring Break, I did our taxes, and cleaned the oldest boy's room which included swapping out a dresser. By "cleaned" I mean picked up, and swept. Did not dust. Remainder of house is a WRECK. Help!!!!

  3. I'm one of those people that love cleaning. It brings me such peace and joy. =)

  4. i managed to go threw my dresser and my desk and two shelves in my closet last month before all the spring cleaning wore me down. i was doing so good about keeping my room and my car clean, too, but this past week... ugh. i think i'm over it already.

  5. UGH. through not threw. geez.