Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vlogging ...31 days of I believe! {Southern accent included!}

Just to change things up a bit, I thought I would do a video blog today to talk about what I believe.
I have to say...this does not sound like me at all. My children say it does...but I say "No way!"

So there you have it. Unedited and only the 5th take....southern accent and all.
I hope you will still want to be my friend!
Happy Wednesday!

I'm really enjoying this "31 Days" series hosted by the Nester. To find out more and to see what hundreds of others are blogging about for the month of October, go here!
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  1. Way to be brave! :) I didn't hear a Southern accent at all...'course I'm from Georgia... lol
    My boys have their own rooms, but they sleep together in one room - briefly - until they wander into my bed in the middle of the night - EVERY night - ages 6 & 4. we put 2 beds in the oldest's room thinking it would help keep them out of our room. No luck so far... ;)

  2. My boys share a room too.
    I like it because it makes the job of keeping their room clean, easier.
    We have a playroom for toys and the only "toy" that stays in their room is a book shelf with books!

    I truly think if we have 1 (or 2) more boys, I will just bunk them all together!

  3. I forget you're a Southerner. I could hear it . . . I love it!

    My big boys were forced to start sharing a room when they were 7 and 11--to try and make them like each other. Didn't work, but I really developed a strong opinion that shared rooms are best. My little boys have shared every day that they can remember, and they are best of friends. Maybe if I'd tried it earlier?

  4. I can hear your accent, I have one too, although I swear I don't. :) You are adorable and I loved your video. I think it's so special that your boys share a room. I believe they will always cherish these years when they look back upon them.

    And, yes, I will still be your friend. :)

  5. I grew up in a very small Florida house with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and no A/C. There are four girls in my family and so there were 2 girls in each room. With the exception of my little sister wetting the bed or bringing frogs to bed with her it was a healty set up. Each girl had their own side of the room. I think you made a good decision to keep the boys together. They will cherish that bond for life.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ~Hugs~Ames

  6. Fun to hear you, not just read your words! As the only girl in my family, I always had my own room. But the boys shared a room and they were much closer to each other than to me...I do believe there are lots of good things that come from sharing a room!

  7. Wow.

    You have a wonderful voice!

    And you are so lovely!

    I really enjoyed listening and watching your post this week!

    Unbelievably fun!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yourself with us!


  8. It's great to "meet" you too! You speak your thoughts clearly and it was fun to hear about having kids share rooms.
    I will have to cross that bridge one day soon, but so far we have one boy and one girl :o)