Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teenagers and part-time jobs!

I believe....
teenagers should have jobs.

Our daughter, Emily, has had a job at Chick-fil-a since she was 15 years old. She wanted a job and applied as soon as she was able to be considered for hire. She went through an extensive interview process which consisted of a phone interview, a group interview and an interview with a member of management one on one. She was selected to attend a training class, knowing that not every one in the class would be hired. She has worked for Chick-fil-a now for almost 2 years. She has learned so much through her experiences there. She has learned to look ahead and manage her schedule. She has learned to communicate with other staff members and management when situations arise that conflict with her schedule. She has learned how to deal with people of all types from pleasant and forgiving to snooty and demanding.  She has learned to work quickly and efficiently, while keeping her cool during really busy drive-thru shifts. She has had to set her alarm clock and get herself up early and she has had to work really late cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. She has made money, given money, saved money, spent money and run out of money. She is learning valuable lessons.

Like with most things in parenting our oldest child, we are still learning as we go. We did not know what to expect when Emily joined the workplace. We should have set some boundaries. You see, as she became familiar with the duties and obligations, she also gained new friendships and enjoyed the social aspect of working with other teens. She enjoyed the freedom of having her own money. She started picking up shifts without asking us. She would work several days during the week and all day long on Saturday. We wondered how she was getting it all done. Her grades were holding steady but she was staying up too late to get assignments done. She was grumpy. We had to take back the freedom that we had unknowingly given her in regards to this new wonderful job opportunity. We learned valuable lessons. There must be a balance. A part time job is good....but it must be part time. Not all consuming. And as far as the money, there must be discipline. A savings account, with a goal in mind....a laptop or an iPhone or a trip to camp with Young Life. Her bank statement was an eye opener when she saw how much of her hard earned money was spent on none other than fast food. Yikes! 

With boundaries, valuable lessons are found in the work place.I remember my first job and all that I learned. I wrote a little bit about it here. What do you remember about your first job?
Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Totally agree with you on the job thing. And I think we're in the minority nowadays. Most of my kids' friends don't have jobs. And I don't get it, frankly.

  2. Awesome post! You have a very savvy teen! Hard work is the only way to get ahead and honest work is the best work. I have never been at Chick Fil A and treated rudely. They must have a really incredible training program.

    Thanks for the sweet share.

  3. first job (other then babysitting) was at mcdonalds. a lot of my high school friends worked there too so it was so much fun.:) i think jobs for teens are a great idea. so many lessons to be learned.
    have a happy day jen

    i LOVE the my pleaseure line btw:)

  4. Balance is so important! It sounds like she really likes her job.

  5. My youngest son started working at 15. It's funny because 15 years later, he was just offered a job with the same company...

  6. I agree about jobs. My high schoolers always had one.


  7. I always worked in high school and college, sometimes two jobs in the summers. It definitely taught me a lot and kept me busy/out of trouble. We haven't been to chick fil a in a long time, but I do appreciate how everyone there is very friendly and courteous. Must be a nice place to work.

  8. elegant.

    love the smiles and innocence in the girls.

  9. oh yes! i agree with you. we learned the hard way with our kids...they statred waitressing and making good $, but then started closing at nights... that meant 12 midnight coming home. will not allow that again.

  10. It's good for kids to learn that money is earned and does not grow on trees!

  11. Ditto for us - our daughter was a lifeguard and taught swimming from the time she was 16. She was always responsible about saving, but the time aspect was what tripped us up. Like you, we had to rein things in with the extra shifts.

  12. I remember working in one of those little drive up photo booths for my first job. Do you remember those at all? I don't think they exist anymore.
    I think the problem with most teens not having jobs today is that there is very little available to them the way it was for us. There are a lot of people out of work, so most of those entry level/first jobs are taken by out of work adults. I think it has little to do with teens not wanting to work.

  13. Just wanted to add that as much as I promote teens having jobs, things are a little different than when I was a teen. The homework load is ridiculous and if they play any kind sof sports, forget it. When is there time for a part time job?

    1. I know...some weeks, Emily is only able to work on Saturdays.

  14. I am right with you... I have worked since I was 16 and plan for the boys to follow the same path!

    And I LOVE chickfila, so I wouldn't mind them following her footsteps either!

  15. My pleasure!

    I love when they say that at Chik Fil A!

    My Grandlittles and I always say that for about an hour after we leave there!

    I guess we need to get out more!

    I think you're right on with having kids work.

    It's important for them to understand that money, sadly, doesn't grow on trees!

    Thanks for linking.


  16. I totally agree with you, part time but only part time at that age. I think that what you are teaching and instilling in your beautiful daughter will make her an even better adult! I had friends out of college that were not responsible with money or chores or schedules, etc, and partly I think it's because they never worked a day in their life at anything, and were handed everything. What you are giving your daughter is so valuable!