Thursday, December 2, 2010

A J~O~B ...and an A in Spanish!

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Emily say, "All I want for Christmas is a JOB and an 'A' in Spanish!"
Neither of which, can be purchased by me.
 But, that statement got me thinking...or remembering, if you will.
When I was younger...and always needing money...I wanted a job too.
I imagined a glamorous job like waiting tables in a fancy restaurant or answering the phone for an executive in a beautiful office.

One day, my mom brought home an employment application for a grocery store down the street.
"What! No way! I cannot work there."  I said, in the most "I am way too cool" tone of voice.
A few days later after passing a  personality test and completing an orientation program fit for IBM...I was punching a time clock at the local Harris Teeter and scanning groceries with the best of them.

I worked a couple of days a week and all day on Saturday.
I learned the value of a dollar quickly!
I learned that I had to leave the house a few minutes early to account for I would not be late to punch in.
I learned that some people are very hard to please no matter how much you smile or how kindly you speak.
I learned that some people are difficult to work for and some people are difficult to work with.
I learned that boys will be boys...even while bagging groceries...they say the most inappropriate things and make the biggest fools of themselves. Then they carry the groceries to the nice lady's car and return to find groceries piling up...and they brag about their tip.
I learned that coupons can save you a ton of money.
I learned that plastic bags are much easier to carry to your car....but "paper please" was what a certain type of person always said.
I learned that some people have a lot of cats.
I learned that if you stand in one place all need to choose comfort over cute when it comes to shoes.
I learned that if you see someone you know, it's best to go ahead and speak. They are going to see you eventually and no matter how dorky you look in that outfit,  it is a job that pays money.
I learned that if I wanted a better, more glamorous job...or at least one with a discount that I could enjoy.. I would have to put forth some effort to go out and find one.

I worked at Harris Teeter for 3/4 of a seemed like much longer.
The next job I landed was much more exciting....Rack Room Shoes....complete with a sweet discount and no dorky uniform. I kept that job until I left for college.

Emily had a job interview at Chick~Fila on Monday.
She will have a second interview next week.
I am excited for her and for all of the life lessons she will be learning.

She is doing better in Spanish... but she may need a little Christmas magic to get that 'A'.
Luckily she has added a few more tangible items to her Christmas list, as well.

Laughing along memory lane,

Today is alphabe-Thursday ...and the letter of the day is 'J'.
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Jenny Matlock


  1. Great post Jen.
    Brought back a ton of first job memories!!
    Mine was at McDonalds. Worked with a few friends who were all saving up for a band trip to Mexico, so it made it tolerable!!
    Comfortable shoes are key and ewwww on the "lots of cats"!!!:)
    Thanks for the smile!
    Enjoy the day Jen

  2. Great choice for your J word ... and I love all of the lessons you learned back at that Harris Teeter, great post!!

  3. Your experience list is a perfect example of why first jobs are so valuable - reality check!!
    That's priceless : )

    Hope your daughter gets her job & an A {or at least A for effort}!

  4. I am laughing b/c everyone in my family knows that I wanted to be a "check out girl"...I never was! And now they tease me about it b/c I especially am enjoying the "self" checkout lines at the grocery. I love the beeping sound when you scan items!!!
    How exciting for Emily to be going for that first job! We all have that first job. I had a paper route on my street for 4 years.

  5. Wow! Yes, all very good lessons! great writing Jen! hugs, Cathy
    ps I haven't elfed myself yet, but i did post on my previous years Christmas cards!

  6. I remember those days well. I worked in one of those little drive thru photo booths. I don't think they even exist anymore.
    My Emily is looking for a job too. I'm hoping she can get hired on at the stables answering phones, scheduling, shoveling up after horses, etc...or the movie theatre next to our house. Free movies would be great.

  7. Some things never change! My first job was as a waitress. I thought it would be such a fun job and imagine myself chatting up the customers as I languidly poured them a cup of coffee and cut them a slice of pie.

    I ended up working at Bob's Big Boy and ran around like a chicken with its neck cut off for eight long hours every day, including clean-up!

    And yes, I learned a LOT.


    PS. Good luck to your darling daughter as she grows by leaps and bounds...

  8. You are spot on with those lessons.
    How exciting for her! Good Luck.
    I told my oldest to apply there too. I figured at least he wouldn't have to worry about working on Sunday!

  9. Love this post. Makes me think back to my first job. I worked at a movie theater and I loved it. She will in fact learn some valuable lessons. I hope that "A" happens!

  10. oh man. The lessons we learn from a first job. I worked at a photography studio and I would hear the photographer say his same lines over and over and over again. My least favorite: "Working hard or hardly working?"

    good luck on the job and the A

  11. mine was waitressing and I still have dreams when I can't get all the food to the table!

    It was great exercise!

  12. You learned great lessons! I hope all works out for Chick Fil-A. We love to eat there.

  13. Loved this post! My first job was dishwasher/busgirl/waitress/jack of all trades-at my mom's restaurant. When I was just a wee girl of 12 I believe. Wow, did it teach me how to work! I think working in a restaurant or grocery type store should be mandatory for all teenagers. Teaches you so much & you really can't learn it any other way. My oldest is hoping to find a job when we move in a few weeks & I'm hoping he does too!

  14. My first job was at K-Mart as a cashier...I was 16 and thought I was big stuff! Good luck to Emily on the Chick-Fil-A job!!

  15. I never worked in a grocery story, but I did work on my uncle's farm for a few years, bagging and weighing berries (he had a u pick truck farm). It was a great experience.. I hope Emily finds a fun job and maybe a "B" in Spanish?

  16. The first real job I ever had was in gift-wrap at an upscale department store in Atlanta. One day I had to go home sick. My mom thought I had the flu, but I was really sick from having smoked my first cigarrette on a dare from a friend. I was throwing-up sick and dizzy. My mom never found out why!!

  17. It's amazing how much we learn at those first jobs!

  18. Love it. I think everyone should have one fast food job and one waitress job. Good luck to her with that A.

  19. I always forget to participate in this each week! I need a reminder! Fun to read, as usual! Chick-Fil-A must have pretty strict interview standards. We were eating there once and say part of the process, it was like they were interviewing for Donald Trump or something! Impressively high standards! Good for your sweet girl! Here's hoping Santa brings that A this year!

  20. My first job was as a Hostess at McD's. Talk about tacky outfits, mine was a full polyester pantsuit in bright lime green. Those birthday party's just about killed me. I did learn a lot though.

  21. Great post! I can relate to so many of them. Thanks for sharing.
    Peace and joy,
    Su-sieee! Mac
    J is for Joy of Christmas

  22. I had a job at Safeway's many many moons ago whislt at school and college. Like you it taught me many lessons that I carry with me now.

  23. Good life lessons! Much luck to Emily!
    My first job was behind the lunch counter at a 5 and dime.

  24. What wonderful life lessons you shared here in this humorous and joyful post.

    I suspect Emily will put your knowledge and example to good use and find something that makes her happy.

    My first job was bailing hay at a farm. Yea. Not much learned there except how tan (and scratched up) you can get wearing a bikini top while you do it!

    Thanks for the smile and the wonderful link.