Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another checkmark on the summer list!

It is so hot! The pool water is warm. It was time for something a little different.
David's brother had the bright idea to take all the kids for a morning bike ride in the 90 degree weather.
For some reason, the kids were up for the adventure.
I stayed home...but he kindly brought me back some photos!
 Loading up the pick-up truck with kids and bikes. 
Surely they don't think they are gonna ride up there!
 Ready for the adventure. My kids usually do wear helmets, but because my niece and nephew didn't have them, my kids decided they did not need them either. Uggghhh!
 Through the trails. At least there was some shade!
 Taking a little break. I really wish I knew what they were talking about!
 After the hot ride, they soaked each other with water.
Zac came back and said, "Mom, I did awesome! 
Next time you'll have to come with us. You would really like it too!"

Checking off the summer list is fun!
And I didn't have to get hot and sweaty...and my hind end isn't sore either!
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I like that mom got to stay hoe where it's cool!,

  2. It's hot here, and the pool water is 90 degrees....not too refreshing right now. :) I know what you're saying!

    Such cute pictures and it looks like the kids had fun. I think mama was smart to stay home and catch a little quiet break, out of the heat.

    Happy 4th!

  3. Looks like a great time for them! Memories in the making!

  4. What a fun time for you kids...hanging out with cousins always makes things extra special. Glad you were able to enjoy some alone time in the nice cool house!

  5. gotta love cool uncles! and getting to stay home alone. :)