Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I wore Wednesday and a haircut!

It's been quite a while since I've linked up to the Pleated Poppy for "What I wore Wednesday".
I guess it's mostly because I've been wearing a lot of work out clothes and sweatshirts and ball caps and glasses. I guess one Wednesday, I'll link up with "What I REALLY wore on Wednesday." For now...this is what I really wore on Friday! David and Jonathan were out of town for a special birthday weekend and Emily was working. Zac and I had dinner out then rented "Cars 2" from Redbox. We grabbed some TCBY on the way home and had a movie night together.
About the outfit...the only new item is the top that I bought at H&M. We do not have an H&M near us...but when we were in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I got my fill of that place while Emily searched the store over for about 2 hours. This top is the only thing I bought...for me that is. It has a nice way of hiding the muffin top that I have gained over the winter months. I am convinced that I'll be one of those little old ladies with the tiny legs and big pot belly. Sadly, I need to shape it up! 
And as far as my hair...I got it cut. Eight inches so she said...I still don't believe that, but it was long overdue. I normally pay some crazy amount for a cut and color, but this time, I took a photo to Great Clips and bought a box of hair color at the drug store. I saved about $100 bucks and I am, for the most part, happy with the outcome.
Yesterday, I did a little shopping at Kohl's and Old Navy. Hopefully I will be participating in WIWW a little more often now.
Happy Wednesday and head on over to The Pleated Poppy for more WIWW inspiration. And if you came here from there...thanks for stopping by!


  1. super cute top, jen ... and hey, i need all the muffin top help i can get!! we have an h&m nearby, might have to check it out :)

  2. I was JUST thinking that you hadn't done one of these in a while... great minds thinking alike I guess! Anyway, I always love what you put together. I am itchin to get back into my regular summer clothes. The preg weight is coming off very sloooooowly this time. I must need to find an H&M soon, those muffin hiding tops might be on my spring shopping list.

  3. This post is bizarrely familiar. I have a photo I was going to add to Pleated poppy with a new haircut and for the first time in my life died my hair using a box from the drugstore. And I'd have to say for the most part I am happy too. Do you mind if I just steal your title ?

  4. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings