Tuesday, May 1, 2012


May Day!
It's Jonathan's 13th Birthday!
Another teenager in the house!
Oh my!
This photo was taken this past weekend when Jonathan went on a 
father~son weekend getaway with David!
They stayed in a fancy smancy hotel with a waterpark 
 and a ropes course and mini golf.
How cool is that!

13 things I love about Jonathan!
1.  That smile!
2.  The way he sneaks up to give the sweetest hugs.
3.  That he is the one to call me at work to tell me goodnight!
4.  The way he invites his Dad to sit with him on the big chair to watch movies and his little brother to sleep with him in his bed if it is thundering outside.
5.  The way he laughs when I act silly...and he pretends that he is not annoyed.
6.  That he gladly gave me his old itouch when he got a new one...and that he used to let me borrow it  anytime before.
7.  That he wants his big sister to pick him up from school.
8.  That he likes for me to take him to school in the morning even though he could ride with his best friend.
9.  The way he plays the mess out of those drums...even though they are in the same room as the computer.
10. That he invites me to play "Around the World" and graciously lets me have an extra chance to shoot a basket before I have to "risk it."
11.The way he takes pride in himself and wants to look his best.
12. The way he says "nobody" with a little smile, when I say "Who are you texting?"...a girl, no doubt!
13. The way he says "Can you pray?" and that he is the one who always wants to end his day with a prayer for our family.

Tonight we will celebrate! He has chosen Chinese over Steak. And there will be cake!
Here's to a great day!
Happy May Day!


  1. We have a birthday this week too...good things happened the first week of May!

    What a sweet boy! love that photo!

  2. Whoa! 13...big guy. Happy Birthday Jonathan.
    I love your list of 13 things...he sounds like an awesome kid and I love the idea of a father/son getaway for his birthday. You know...I have a feeling you guys are the coolest family in your neighborhood.

  3. sounds like a great way to spend a father-son getaway. happy birthday to your teenager!

  4. And don't forget the way he rocks those awesome spectacles. Happy Birthday Jonathan! 13 is a great year.

  5. i'm not sure i realized he is my daughter's age - 7th grade, right? ... it's been a fun year for us - we were just at a big party for parents and kids last Sat night and i couldn't get over how some (and by "some" I mean about 4!) of the boys are finally starting to grow into huge guys (they've been so much smaller than the girls for a couple of years now, so it surprised me!) - the kids were all dancing with a dj having a great time, such a fun age, isn't it?!

  6. oops, i forgot to say happy birthday ;-) hope it was a great day!!

  7. Love your list!

    Happy Birthday Jonathan!

  8. Happy Birthday! 13, that's huge. I love #12, and I am NOT looking forward to that stage. I hope he had a great day.

  9. awww! He sounds like such a sweetheart! Happy Birthday, big teenager!