Thursday, May 24, 2012

According to Zac...

I am awesome!
This is the bag that contained my Mother's Day present from Zac this year! It is my absolute favorite! I have a hallway with framed kids artwork and I think this is going up next.  It makes me smile and laugh. It makes me happy!
Can you read it?   It says...J ~E ~N...
J for "Just always awesome", E  for "Enthusiastic" and N for "Never not awesome"
Doesn't everyone want to be awesome all the time?
And I think he is awesome too!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Zac MUST be awesome to have made this awesome artwork about his awesome mom!!
    I would cherish that always.

  2. I love homes that have kids artwork. That is all we have up right now. You've got some awesome kids there Jen!

  3. Oh how "awesome" I love it! That's the kind of Mother's Day "things" I like to get. What a sweet little one!

  4. What an adorable mother day gift !

  5. Well Jen, all I can say is that is totally awesome! What a fun note to cherish...

  6. Definitely a keeper.


  7. Oh our kid's art work, the most precious momentos! My kids are moms now with several kids, but I still have as art thing of them displayed.

  8. aaaw, this is really great - so glad you're framing it so it sits in a spot of honor, I love it!! hope you have an 'awesome' day, jen ;-)

  9. I had some golfing friends over last weekend, and they asked me about my artwork on one of my walls. It was easy to tell them that it was the work of my grandchildren when they were in elementary school! They were so IMPRESSED!!!

  10. yup...i think that's frame worthy!:)
    sweetest gift bag ever.
    have a happy day jen

  11. How sweet! I love how he put the hearts in the o's! So glad you're framing it!
    Have an awesome weekend Jen!

  12. I think you're awesome too. Can I pretend to be awesome since I am a Jen too? Definitely frame it.

  13. you should definitely frame that and have it up. :]

    hey there. thanks for visiting picky and leaving it some love. i'm curious: if you picked up a book that had an opening scene such as the one you read the other day, would be more or less likely to continue reading it? (isabel, by the way, has a french mastiff. you've seen the film turner and hooch, right? those dogs have it all over pitbulls, actually. best breed in the world. well, akitas are pretty cool, too. but the mastiff'd be my first choice.)

  14. These are treasures, for certain. They grow so fast.

  15. Beautiful drawing from your son, and what a treasure it is!

  16. That is awesome. He is my kinda kid...that's exactly the kind of thing I would have made when I was little. Love love love it!
    Enjoy it

  17. You know what they say, "Kids are brutally honest." and who better than your own son to know how awesome you are.

  18. I adore childrens' art work. I think it is wonderful you hang up the work your kids do. They will remember it one day. A piece my son did in first grade is hanging up still. I had it framed. He is now 30. My daughter has rendered portraits of our three dogs when she was 7, 9, 16. She is now 24. I still look at those paintings and smile. Great A post!

  19. LOVE that. He is awesome for making it, and you are an awesome mama. :)

    That would be framed in my house, for sure. It's so great!

  20. Awww...Zac is really a sweetheart!

    I love his picture...and his adorable wording!

    I would frame that in a second, too!

    What a fabulous gift, Jen!


    of course, he's right!

    Smiles and A+