Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Give an inch...they take a mile!

Or should I say...a couple of miles!

This is Spring Break over here!
My kids have been having big adventures.
On Monday, my son ask his Dad if he could ride his bike to the Park. This is a big deal. The park that he was talking about is not in our neighborhood. It is down the street and across a bridge (a large bridge that is over an interstate...yes!) He ask his Dad because I would've most likely said No! turns out that several boys had done it the day before...and all of them had permission to go except for him. So my husband said yes...and then called to fill me in on the plan.  A few minutes later, one of the other Moms called to tell me that the day before... the boys had been given permission to go to the park, but they ended up at Brewster's Ice Cream after stopping by the baseball fields at a nearby school. I told her I was not excited about the park...much less the ice cream parler, which is in downtown across a busy intersection.
She decided she would drive by the park on her way back from her meeting.  That is when she saw the intersection going across to the other side.
What in the world? Seriously?

Turns out, Jonathan did not know about the ice cream parler. I figured as much because he didn't come by to get money. He just got suckered in to going because everyone else was going....and suppossedly had permission.
Needless to say....we had some serious discussions about following other boys to do something you know you don't have permission to do. We talked about dangerous situations, traffic, what happens when you have too much freedom....and what will happen if he ever does that again.

I want to allow my children to grow and enjoy a little freedom, but it just seems that things are coming at me really fast. Emily is driving! By herself! And now she is asking to drive to the beach...NO....and if she can get a tattoo....WHAT? NO!
Thankfully Zac still follows me around in the house...and doesn't like it when he doesn't know where I am. That used to drive me nuts...but, I think I like it now!

So I am soaking in the Spring Break fun!
We are heading to our friends lake house for a few days!
The house has been in their family for TV and no electronics allowed!
It makes me both nervous and happy! 
Game On!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  Jenny Matlock


  1. Enjoy your getaway!! It is scary when they start going out on their own. You just hope they make "good" decisions! My oldest is driving and that's another worry--always!

  2. My kids are just getting to the brink of leaving to start their lives. I say all the time it's about time, but as most parents know, I ssecretly wish they would stay young forever. thanks for sharing-T

  3. Hello.
    Just keep on talking to your children. Enjoy your time away. Thanks for sharing.

    Tears Of A Beautiful Woman

  4. We're dealing with ear stretching over here. While there are no tattoos a nose piercing is under discussion. Eldest is going to be taking her drivers soon. I thought parenting when they were little was hard... I'm feeling like its all coming very fast as well. It's hard to know what the right decisions are sometimes.

  5. Going along with the crowd. . .ohhhh a hard lesson to learn!!

    Enjoy the lake. . .no that rule!

  6. Kids do grow up so fast. I'm sure you wish the time would slow down a little!

  7. all goes down hill when they learn to ride that darn bike! :)

    Enjoy your time away with your family and friends!

  8. I think all we can do is keep teaching and showing to our children what is right.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  9. Oh enjoy! Spring break here too, and the parks and lakes are crowded! Yeah!

  10. Sounds like you handled that situation well.

    Have fun at the lake house!


  11. Great story for the letter T -Have a great Easter:)

  12. It's so hard to figure out those boundaries!

    Have fun on your getaway...

  13. Scary when they start to grow up and begin looking for new levels of freedom and independence. it's a delicate balancing act. So glad we're past that in our house...or are we?....ever? ;)

  14. Jen,

    So many decisions to make ... I don't envy you right now with the kids. Enjoy your "quiet" break from it all.

  15. how i remember those nerve-wracking days! hang in there.

  16. I just got Teary-eyed because, and I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss those days...

    Not so much The nerve-wracking what if's but The part where you get to watch your kids go out into The world(partially) and put into action The Things you Taught Them...

    It will get better Though...

    You are a Terrific Mother and This was a Terrific post for The letter "T"!

    Thanks for linking.