Friday, March 30, 2012

What would you do with....

540 million dollars?

Have you been asking yourself that question?
Isn't it crazy?
We have never purchased a lotto ticket before, but just a couple of hours ago, we left our hotel and drove across the street in the pouring rain...stood in a line and bought ONE lotto ticket.  The person in front of our friend bought 750 tickets. Can you believe that?

So here's what we are thinking...dreaming....

Zac~  Take half of it to charity...and then with the other half I'd buy a mansion with a butler... and a sports car.

Jonathan~  Buy a beach house, lake house, upgrade our house, then I'd buy everyone the car they wanted. Give a bunch to my friends and stuff. I'd buy the Carolina Panthers and save the rest!

Emily~ Make Forever21 my closet...and get a beach house and a lake house...and keep a lot in my wallet for spending. But I wouldn't quit my job...I like my job!

Jen and David ~  Tithe and give tons away to family and friends.  Pay off the house...and all the bills! Take a nice vacation to get away from the stress of dealing with all that money!

We just had to have a piece of the action...the biggest lotto prize in history.
And someone is going to WIN! Right?
Did you play?


  1. Played! Didn't win the jackpot! Boo. But I got $150 out of it. Three numbers + MB. 1 more number and I would have had $10k. Oh well, maybe next time! Hehe :p

  2. It's the first time I've ever bought a lottery ticket too! I bought 2. It's fun to dream isn't it?!

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  4. We have probably only played the lotto 3 or 4 times. I would definitely give a lot to family and friends, charity, and then probably build a home and run away from society! :) I can't believe that about the 750 tickets...that is crazy! I hope that person won something out of that.

  5. These past 2 big drawings, we bought into a pot at work. (which I have now seen major nasty situations on the news for such) but it was my first time to play-- and an $8 loss!
    $750?!?! That's just dumb!!