Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I did not marry him for his gourmet cooking...

But, he has a knack for folding laundry and he makes a perfect pot of coffee.
My husband doesn't love it, but he does it...the dreaded laundry.  The piles of towels, the uniforms, the smelly muddy boy clothes, the mismatched socks, the much too teeny tiny things she calls underwear and every stitch of clothing in between.
He doesn't have to do it.  He chose it years ago, as one of his must do weekend chores.  He likes piles and order, sorting and delivery.  He likes that at some point, it is finished.  And by Sunday evenings, it is all done!
I do not think about it much, the fact that I seldom do laundry. Thinking about it now, though, is nice!
He doesn't do bathrooms or kitty liter, Christmas shopping or gourmet meals, but the laundry thing I mentioned...is enough to make up for most of that!
And every night, before he goes to bed, he makes a perfect pot of coffee and sets the timer...just for me...he doesn't even drink it.
I don't think I've thanked him lately, but I know he reads my blog!
And may I also add....I bet that packing lunches could be just as rewarding as laundry if given the opportunity to pack them every night. Hmmmmm.

Happy Tuesday!
Enjoy your week!

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  1. Love the last part about the lunches. . .too funny!

    I could get used to a guy who does laundry!

  2. Cute! My dear hubby would never touch the laundry, nor would I probably let him, it's one of my favorite jobs, but he cooks. He also makes me coffee in the morning and that is totally my love language - COFFEE! :) Thanks for the reminder to be thankful and praise him.

  3. aaaww, this is super cute ... lucky you!! after a few infamous botched loads a few years back, my man isn't allowed within 10 feet of the laundry :(

  4. My husband wouldn't know where to start with our laundry, but he just spent the morning cleaning the ground floor rooms, so I am delighted to have that done:)

  5. What a gem. You have a keeper there.

  6. He is a keeper, for sure!

    Kevin does his own laundry, but not mine, so I guess I should be thankful too. :) I think he only does his b/c he is afraid I might mess it up. ha.

  7. I'm with Sloan...my husband isn't allowed to do laundry...only because he is terrible at it. Maybe that was his plan all along?!
    Yay for your husband doing the laundry and being good at it!

  8. He's a keeper! Mine basically does his own laundry b/c he's away so much. When he comes home, I don't want him touching the laundry either. He just throws it all into the washer at once.

  9. The striped fleece item at the bottom of the pile...I have the exact same PJ bottoms! :)

    1. Old Navy...right? I love them.They are so snuggly!