Thursday, October 13, 2011

Only Zac would act like that!

 I have been trying to embrace it...this free spirited child of mine.
 Sometimes it takes more effort to beg him to sit down, sit still, and get off of the table than it does to just leave him to getting the job done.
This is Zac getting his homework himself...without me nagging and pushing.
It just looks a little strange, un-normal, counter productive, and distracting.
I'm sure the teachers would not approve of this working position in the classroom...but for now, at home, it is working.
Silly can that even be comfortable?
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Jenny Matlock 


  1. Can you say chiropractor? That looks incredibly uncomfortable, but maybe that's just my out of shape, old body talking. It must be nice to be that young and limber.

  2. He looks funny, but as long as he's doing his homework! thanks for visiting me!

  3. Kyle did practically the same thing. I'm like you, as long as the homework's getting done... ;)

  4. oh my gosh. that reminds me of my grandson. I didn't think anyone else did that.

  5. Why fool with success right?! He's getting it done one way or another!

  6. As Karen S. above says, he's getting it done!


  7. I have one of these!!
    Seems to be indicative of a kinesthetic learning style. Since I have one of my own I try to tolerate it in the classroom. It's hard!!
    He's cute.

  8. Whatever works!! And his standing on the chair seems to work just fine! I bet he has a lot of energy!

  9. i like his unique style, it's kind of cute ... and the bottom line is - hey, he's doing it, so wahoooooo!!

  10. ps - adorable october header ;-)

  11. I like what you say though, if it works for him, then it works! We have a VERY highly spirited child as well. I am excited and nervous about what the future brings for us. haha.

  12. cute post I have a very spirited toddler and he likes to not sit too. Half the time he is on the table eating but hey if he eats just one small something Im happy

  13. Hello.
    He definitely has his own unique way of doing things. I see greatness in the making right there! (lol)

    Nice photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Evening Zephyr

  14. Gotta love it! If it ain't broke don't fix it : )

  15. How on earth does he do that?

  16. Oh...he and the LB would get along great! She sits all kinds of wackadoodle while doing her homework too. :)

  17. Oh Jen! I had a Zac. That homework thing really brought back memories. I won't hi-jack your post with other things, becasue I suspect you are experiencing them all!

    What a fun link!

    This really made me smile.

    Z you soon!