Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An interactive dining experience!

We love to eat out!
Sometimes on Friday nights, we head out to a family friendly, inexpensive restaurant to celebrate family night!
On this particular night though, we wanted to do something a little different. Jonathan and Emily had been to this restaurant before as a part of an over night school field trip. To kids...this place is amazing. You can eat and eat and eat ....and you can make it yourself...and have 1 of everything if you want to. No wonder they have asked to go with our family several times. We have never said yes until just a few days ago. You see...for the price of this family friendly place, we could have eaten at Outback Steakhouse...which is another place we never go.
 Evidence of the chocolate fountain dripping down Zac's face!
It was like a family field trip for sure. Everyone enjoyed wandering around looking at all the different options, trying new things..even some new vegetables. Zac ate dessert first, Emily ate dessert in the middle and Jonathan saved the best for last...the yummy yeast rolls.
Emily is now making plans to study for exams with her friends at Golden Corral. She says they'll start at lunch...and stay on through dinner. Hmmmmm....not sure how that will work out!
It really is the little things that make you happy.
A family field trip, an interactive dining experience, a chocolate fountain and lots of yeast rolls!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. MMMM...that taco bowl and shrimp look pretty good! It looks like your kids got their money's worth! I never feel my son does...he eats very little. (His dad and I make up for him though!) We don't have a Golden Corral in our area...but when we visit my mom in Ohio...we often go to the one near her house.

  2. Funny! Those rolls look scrumptious! I am a sucker for bread.

  3. OMGosh, we LOVE Golden Corral! They have something for everyone and if you leave hungry, it's your own fault. Ours doesn't have cotton candy though, so I'm a little bit jealous...

  4. I've never been to a Golden Corral, but it looks delicious!

    Looks like such a fun night. :)

  5. Family fun night is the best. Great way to make memories. Have a great weekend.

  6. that looks like a LOT of fun and so delicious! your kids are just adorable by the way...

  7. Love that last photo! :) We went to Golden Corral recently. We hadn't been there in years. Lots of yummy food!

  8. OHHHHHHHHHH! I am on Week three of weight watchers and I drooled through this entire post!

  9. Food is a great way to bring the family together, you can definitely bond over some foodie item, especially the sweet chocolate fountain. :)

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  10. this place looks like a dream come true for our family b/c everyone likes different things ... what a great concept with all those buffet tables!! It's called Golden Corral? Never heard of it, is it a southern thing?!