Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I wore Wednesday! ~ Still summer!

It still feels like summer over here!
Lindsey's post today is all about fall inspiration....I am super excited about the promise of wearing sweaters and jeans and scarves and boots, but for now, the 90 degree weather still has me in summer clothes! 
The good news is that the stores are just as excited about the fall merchandise that they are slashing prices on some really cute summer tops and shorts to make room for them on the racks! I love the inspiration that I get from all the girls at the WIWW linky party at The Pleated Poppy. Be sure to check it out here!

Are you still in your summer clothes too?
What are you looking most forward to wearing this fall?
Enjoy your week!


  1. I'm still in pajamas. I just can't accept that summer is ending. I don't know about your kiddos, but my younger two are having an incredibly hard time accepting it too. I'm already battling them asking me if they can skip school for a day. I just have to laugh and ask them who they think they're talking to? Like I'm going to say, "Oh yeah sure, just skip school today dear."
    I am also very excited about wearing my jeans and sweaters and going for walks in crisp air with leaves that are changing colors and Halloween, etc... I love summer break, but for some reason Fall makes me happiest.

  2. Oh you are as cute as ever! I love the red top, so nice. We are rocking some pants today only because it is chilly but it should warm up again soon. I will just be glad to get into my regular clothes again no matter what kind they are! ;)

  3. My fav was the red shirt and cargo's. You look great all the time. I could n.e.v.e.r. participate in this meme. I would then have to admit to the world that I will wear the same outfit two days in a row : )

  4. I was just reading Susan's blog and you were the first commenter. I thought to myself "I haven't seen Jen in a while." And that's when I realized your blog had been deleted from my roll! I just fixed that!
    The red is my favorite too. And you know how I feel about ball caps.
    Supposed to hit 110 tomorrow. I just want to wear closed-toe shoes and not feel stupid.

  5. Great outfits Jen! We're still in summmer things...although it was a little cooler this morning so Brady wore jeans to school....he said, these feel weird! I need it to stay warmer though until I can get back out to do a little more school shopping. I pair of jeans is not going to cut it I don't think!

  6. all are so cute! I'm currently in maternity clothes so I pretty much wear the same few things every week!

  7. Cute outfits! We had a cold front move in so I'm bringing out my fall clothes and love them!

  8. cute outfits! it's still summer time here too!! and I'm ok with that...fall can wait!

    you look darling


  9. Yes, it's still summer here, but Fall is coming slowly. I woke up Sunday to a morning so wonderful that I opened up the screen door to the patio and let the cool air in.

  10. Still summer here too. Love your outfits! Looking forward to cooler weather clothes too. But I'm sure it will only be exciting for a week or so. THen I'll be wishing summer back.

  11. Here in the north it is cooling down quite a bit! No more 90's for sure and 80's are slipping away quickly, but I refuse...REFUSE do you hear me to give up my flip-flops and skirts!