Friday, June 3, 2011

A few minutes to blog about this and that!

First of all....what is the matter with Blogger!
It is as if am still trying to get over the Blogger Bug from a few weeks ago. I am having the hardest time entering comments. When I sign into my blog, it signs me right back out. On some blogs, my google account is recognized when I leave a comment, and on others it signs me in as anonymous. If you have seen my comment as JEN without my little picture..well now you know why. And the worst part is that some of you don't accept anonymous comments....and I cant seem to leave a comment at all...I have been reading and typing comments, but they wont post. Ughhh!
And today, I tried to fix a label on an older post....and blogger reposted it for today. What?

This week I have been studying the states and capitals with Jonathan. I cannot believe how little I knew about the geography of my own country. All those little states in New England..and all those big states out west. I got them all mixed up in my mind. As I studied, I couldn't help but think of all of you. That is the state where Kerri lives, and Pam, and Jen, Susan, Alissa, Gabe, Mandy, Sloan, Bri, Angie, Anna, and so many more ....and guess what? I know their capitals too. Every last one of them. Some of them have silly memory tricks to help Jonathan remember. Those, I will remember forever! His test is today. I know he will do great!

Emily has been slacking off with her school work lately. Spring fever hit and that was it. One morning, last week, I took her to Dunkin Donuts before school so I could call out her science questions. I was so disappointed at how little she knew, that I just left her sitting there and waited in the car until it was time to go. I gave her the whole speech about how colleges are so much harder to get into now,etc... and that it is so important to start off strong your Freshman year. I think she got the idea. She took studying for the final much more seriously....and she got a 99, which gave her an A in Honors Earth Science!

Next....I know summer is coming.
I am trying to get excited about having the kids home all summer. Last night, Jonathan and Zac helped me make a summer list. I do not expect Emily to be around that she is old enough to have friends that drive, she has much bigger and better plans, I am sure. Yikes!

Also....tonight is the annual end of school picnic, talent show and movie night. They are showing Despicable Me and I am the only one in my family who has not seen it! I am wishing that I had time to make a fabulous picnic spread complete with fruit, pasta salad, cheese and crackers, etc...but I may be sending my husband for Subway subs.

Enough of this and that! 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. hi jen - yes, blogger is starting to freak me out more and more lately - not happy with all the recent bugs :( we are also having a really hard time with the homestretch of school - really really hard to stay focused when the weather (finally!) says SUMMERTIME!! ps - you'll LOVE Despicable Me ;-)

  2. Love your new header looks so retro!

    I've been so frustrated w/ blogger too...when are they going to get it fixed? I leave these long comments and then can't submit them...ugh!

    Geography has never been my strong suit...I better brush up on the states and capitals before I look like a big dumb dumb to my son!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I had major problems last week...that still haven't been resolved. I can't sign in to blogger with Google but can with Safari..really weird. I need to back up my blog but don't know how! Have a great weekend...

  4. Oh yes. The states and capitals. We studied them big time last year. Or was it earlier this year. See...I've already forgotten. And so has the big ballerina. I'm sure. :(

  5. I found you through WIWW, but saw that you were having the same Blogger commenting issues that another WIWW link was! I finally fixed ours after a TON of research and I posted an (albeit amateurish) tutorial here:

    Hope it helps!

    And love that first top from Kohls - super cute for this week's WIWW!