Monday, May 23, 2011

TV's with rabbit ears, Dad's hobby and Minnie Mouse!

1. What do you remember about prime-time TV?
2. Did you (or another family member) have a hobby that took up a lot of time?
3. Did you sleep with a special toy....until when...where is it now?

Prime time TV in the 70's included shows like Welcome Back Kotter, Hawaii Five O, The Waltons, Wonder Woman, and my Dad's favorite Monday Night Football. I also remember watching The Dukes of Hazard, Love Boat and Fantasy Island on weekend nights!
Our television set was positioned on a built in wall system. We had 4 channels and only 3 of them were clear. We did not have a televison with a remote for most of my childhood years. I remember many times my Dad calling me into the living room, pretending to need something important, only to say,"Will you change the channel?" That would always frustrate me! I remember my neighbor having rabbit ears on the top of their big furniture like set....after changing the dial, the antennae on the top of their house would turn. I always thought that was so cool!

My Dad had many hobbies. He would find something that he enjoyed, then jump fully into it....until he moved onto the next thing. He bowled, played golf, built things out of wood, played raquetball, fished, played tennis, and even taught a few classes at the Community College.
The one that I remember taking up the most of his time was sailing. We had a Hobie Cat. On Saturdays, he would sail in preparations for several races that were held during the summer. We would go to the lake early in the morning...and meet up with lots of other Hobie Cat families.... and sail all day. At the end of that day, sunburned and so very tired we would meet up for a cookout. When we had races to go to....we would camp near the lake or stay in hotels on the beach. When I got a little older, I would race with him, although I always thought it was more fun to play with the other kids.

I got Minnie Mouse during my first trip to Disney World! I was 6 years old. She became the one special toy that outlasted all the others. She was completely worn out to the point of embarrasment...but she helped me through middle school, high school....and even went with me to college! She is now in a box of treasures, with my high school yearbooks and a few other goodies, that I guess I plan to keep forever!

And that's my little trip down Memory Lane. I'd love for you to share your memories too. The McLinky charges a fee to use their linky now...and I didn't like how tiny the link was from last how about this~ share in the comments or type the link to your Memory Lane post there.
Happy Memories!

Next weeks questions:
What was a typical Saturday morning like?
Describe the family car.
Did you have certain responsibilites around the house....did you get an allowance?


  1. 1) We didn't watch much TV when I lived with my parents. But I remember Star Trek: The Next Generation. 2) Do family camping trips count? 3) I had a Monchhichi that I called "Chi-Chi" and my green blanket I called "Greenie." They are both in a box at my parents house, and are in the next load of stuff they will be bringing out to my house this summer.

  2. I MOST remember being sooo excited that September was coming b/c that meant a new season of the TV shows I loved. There was no cable back then w/gazoodles of choices. It was just the basic network channels.

  3. i've been so mad at myself for not getting a headstart on this week's link-up with you, jen ... we've been slammed and i just don't have the still time this week :( Maybe I'll do a random-type post this weekend and include this as part of it (and still link up!) b/c I definitely have thoughts here!!! sorry so late ... this week has been crazy!