Monday, May 23, 2011 meet a bloggy friend, I go.

Over the bridges and through the tunnel....
to meet a Bloggy friend, I go!
A few months ago, I found out that we would be heading to Virginia Beach for a volleyball tournament. I realized I had a friend there....well, a bloggy friend that is. I had read several posts about bloggy friends meeting and thought "this is my chance".
I knew from Kim's blog, "What I am going to be when I grow up" that I would love her...and I knew we had to make it work. Then at the last minute, the tournament changed locations. It was still in the same area, but not as close as I had thought.
Volleyball tournaments are never know when you will be playing next...until you win or lose. My friend was busy on Saturday, which was the day that we had a 4 hour break. Sunday was our chance....I found out at 12 pm that I had a break until 1:30. That is only 1 1/2 hours...we had to work fast....and we were 30 min away from each other. I knew that I was interrupting her day...there were so many things that she could be doing. I was so grateful that she and her little ballerina were up for a spur of the moment adventure!  We agreed to just get in the car and start driving towards each other. When we realized we were close...we would get off the highway and find a place to meet.
So that is what we did!
We met in what she refers to as Yuckville....I really didn't notice. The tire place was just lovely. There were even men in uniform (well....gas station type uniforms) watching as we exchanged hugs and had our photo taken by the cutest little ballerina-photographer I have ever seen.
After that, we visited over lunch...for the few minutes I had left! She was just as you would expect...sweet, adventurous, friendly, very pretty, super fun....and her little ballerina was so grown-up and talkative, and precious, complimentary and charming.... and I hated to leave both of them. I really did.... the only part that made it easier was that I knew we would be back....and I knew I had met someone that I had known already, but became a real friend that I could touch and hug and hope to see again.
This is just the craziest blog world that we live I love it even more!!!!

Hoping to meet more of you sometime soon...or Hey, let's just all get together at once. Hmmmm?


  1. So glad you and kim took advantage of the chance to meet!

    Any tourneys in Wisconsin?!?

  2. eeeee! How fun! I love that you took pix of your drive. At least I see that you caught a glimpse of the ocean going over the bridge. I love that bridge b/c it feels like you're IN the water.

    I promise next time not to book a class when you come. I think we could have some serious fun if we had more time. :)

    And, LB was quite smitten with "Miss Jen." Not to be confused with "Miss Jan," you know. ;)

    If anyone wants to organize a bloggy meet-up. I'm in! We can all just hop in our cars til we meet. Seems to work out pretty well.

  3. Oh how fun! I think all the time that my regular blog contacts would be my BFFs for sure if we lived closer together. That is so great that you could meet up. Definitely makes all these comments mean so much more.

  4. So neat that you two got to meet!

  5. So AWESOME that you two were able to hook up and meet on a moments notice!! (You crazy girls!) Oh how I would love to meet all of you bloggy friends someday!

  6. soooooooooo jealous, jen ... but at some point there may be a chance for us as well ... my bff lives in charlotte and i'm there at least once every 2 years or so ... shooting for March 2012 right now!! wouldn't that be fun?!