Thursday, May 12, 2011

D is for Daredevils!

And another thing...Where are your helmets?
Jonathan had a few friends over for a birhtday celebration!
Bike races make me sooo nervous!
This one lasted just long enough for me to take a few photos...

Then it was off to the bowling alley for more daring good times!
Good times! Cute boys! Really good bowling...especially when they put the bumpers up!
Happy Thursday!
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Jenny Matlock


  1. loooove that very first photo where jonathan is the only thing in focus, it's incredible! you should frame that for his bedroom - looks like the very definition of daredevil to me ;-)

  2. Great action pics, Jen.

  3. Jen, that is a great action shot! It's a great example of a panning a shot. Slowing down you ISO while following the action so everything else is blurry. That's how you got it my friend. Looks so cool. It also looks like the boys had fun. Sure can tell who looks like dad in one of the bowling pictures. Isn't it hard to take decent pictures in bowling alleys? Yours look great.

  4. You can't expect to have a group of boys together without a few daredevil stunts now. I'm just thankful we only have one boy, but he's the youngest with two sisters before him. He got beat up a lot when he was younger. Now, he's bigger than both of them, as I warned them would happen one day. lol.

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  5. Love the bowling ball shots!

    And, I agree...Where ARE those helmets?!


  6. Love the bicycle pictures! Look like the boys all had fun!

    I bowl better with the bumpers up, too...but Kyle won't let me use them anymore since he's gotten too big for them... :(

  7. They are really daredevil kiddos! Love the bowling pictures, great post...thank you!

  8. Hi Jen,

    I think this is my first visit to your blog, but definitely not the last one. I love what you wrote in ABOUT ME -- so delightfully positive! :) Moreover, I love your photos and the way you present them -- way to go! I am sure your boy and his friends had a great time. :)

    Greetings from Germany,

  9. They were zooming by on their bikes. What great action shots!

  10. What a GREAT party! I always loved to take the kids bowling! It wasn't a regular activity for us, but they loved it! And just where ARE those helmets, anyway???

  11. Looks like a totally fun party!!! Nice job on the motion blur in those bike photos. :)

  12. hi jen - i hope you saw that I commented here when you first posted ... I LOOOOVE that first photo, you've just got to fame that for his room!! anyway, I was trying to look around and see if anyone else was having trouble with blooger and I saw that you lost comments too - blogger seems to have had a major freak-out ... weird ... now go frame that photo ;-)

  13. Gosh, I'm sorry you lost your comments, too! This week is so strange!

    I loved this post, though. What great photos you captured!

    Thanks for a delightful stop!


  14. Those boys are so cute! Great fun!

  15. Oh goodness, Boyd already makes me nervous on his tiny little bike with training wheels. What will I do when he is a daredevil like this?!! :) Fun pictures!