Monday, May 16, 2011

A best friend, a green room, and a trip to NYC!

A meme dedicated to enriching the present by preserving the past!
This week's questions are...
What do you remember about your very first best friend?
What did your childhood bedroom look like, smell like, feel like, or sound like?
Do you remember being allowed to do something as a child or teenager...that you would not think of letting your own child do today?

Here goes....
My very first best friend...that I remember well....was a gorgeous girl named Leigh! I met her in kindergarten. She had dark hair and dark eyes and she always had a fabulous sun tan. One of those children that everyone commented about how beautiful she was. We went to an after school program together for several years, played at each others houses, cheered together, grew up and attended youth group and church retreats together. We even sang a duet together in 8th grade chorus....the song about "I say tomato, you say tomato, you say potato, I saw potato....let's call the whole thing off ". It wasn't until our last 2 years of high school that we started to grow apart....different goals, different values and different expectations. Although, we still always remained "friendly"!
Two years ago, with the explosion of Facebook, we re-connected and found out that we lived in the same city. We had a nice lunch to catch up on the last 20 years! She is still just as beautiful and tan as ever!

My childhood room was green! It is still my favorite color! I remember clearly moving into my room, which had previously been the guest room. We added new shag carpet, the most perfect little yellow and green flowered wall paper (oh Yes!) and new curtains and bedding to match. Along with a twin bed and dresser, there was an antique cradle that held all of my stuffed animals, a bookshelf with a TV (don't tell my children), a little schoolhouse desk that my mom had painted.....and an organ (tiny....but working) to fill the room.
At night there would be little colored lights shining all around the room as a result of the coolest little disco light. The sounds of "We Got the Beat", "Jack and Diane", "Physical", "Super Freak" and "Eye of the Tiger" blasting from cassette tapes on the Boom Box. 
I loved my green grown-up room. I remember very clearly the day that we moved out of our house...hiding in the closet of that bedroom ....wishing we didn't have to move!
NYC....what was she thinking?
In the 9th grade, my mom let me go on a 4 day trip to New York City with my drama class.
We saw CATS, toured NBC, shopped at Macy's without a chaperone, took a dance lesson with a choreographer from 42nd  Street (the musical) rode in taxis (just to say we did) and loved every minute of it!
Of course, I am thankful that my mom gave me that opportunity, but geeez....not today! No way!

Thanks for strolling along my Memory it's time to link up so we can stroll along with you too! The linky will stay open all week!  I'm looking forward to hearing about your friends, your rooms and /or your "No way, Not today's!"

And the questions for next Monday, May 23....
1.  What do you remember about prime-time TV?
2.  Did you (or another family member) have a hobby that took up a lot of  time?
3.  Did you sleep with a special toy....until when...where is it now?

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  1. Great!!
    I had one of those tan friends too!

    (I forgot about this over the weekend, but I will be back next week!)

  2. hi jen - I'm amazed that i'm actually the first to link up, I'm always the last at these things!! Anyway, I'm psyched you did this and even more psyched that I could join the fun!! THANKS!! ps - your childhood bedroom sounds perfect - I love it!!

  3. My favorite color is green too. And my room as a kid was green and yellow too. :)

    And growing up, NYC was my playground. My mom used to put me on the bus and I'd be off shopping at Bloomie's or wherever. By. myself. I still can't believe I did that!!! Or that she let me.

    Oh, and Hampton Roads is the name of the area around here. It includes Va Beach and the outer lying cities. So yes! You are heading our way!!! Let's get together. :)

  4. Love these! My childhood room was peach, and I remember when we moved into our house. I was ten, and it was the first time my sister and I had seperate rooms. It was awesome!

  5. Such a great idea Jen! Walking down memory lane is always fun!

  6. Love this idea Jen...I really wanted to do the bestfriend one!! Maybe I will link up on week behind? Would that be bad?!