Thursday, April 7, 2011

Z is for FIZZZZZZ and that is part 2!

The Happiness Factory, otherwise known as The Coca~Cola Museum was the attraction for the second day of our sight seeing tour in Atlanta.  If you missed day one, you can read about it here!
There was a lot to see and do....and even more to taste.
170 flavors of Coca-Cola products from around the world. Some were familiar, some not so much. Some were delicious...some were not. But all of them were super fizzy.
We warned the boys not to taste too many because we didn't want any upset tummies. They did pretty good, only tasting about 30 different kinds.
My favorite, other than the classic American Diet Coke,  was the Mango Nestea....yummy!
After our tasting adventure, we toured the tiny bottling factory and visited a large display of Coke products and memorabilia from the early years. We learned where Coca-Cola got it's name and saw some of the very first drink machines...very cool. And we even learned the secret ingredient that makes a Coke so wonderful!
You'll have to visit the museum for yourself to find that one out!
We ran out of time before we spent any money in the gift shop...oh well...
but we had to get back to yet another volleyball game....and they were still winning.
Yay!  Enjoy your day!

Today is alphabe-Thursday! I can't believe we've made it to the letter Z.
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  1. Hi Jen!

    It looks like your family had a wonderful time. Mango tea sounds delicious. I'll bet it was fun to taste the different flavors.

  2. This is redundantly a place for me! I am a diet coke a holic. Before that a coke a holic but I hit that age and made the switch to diet. I once went to the dr and he asked if I was addiced to anything when I said just coke. he gave meeee aaaa loook..... I quickly said cola!!!

    Great post looks like there is a lot to do there and your lovely family seems to have had fun!!

  3. what a fun trip this was!! we have dear friends near atlanta and between the aquarium and the coke museum, i'd say it's high time we paid them a visit!! love this!

    and ps - love your WIWW outfits!

  4. Oh man, I was hoping to hear the secret!!! It looks like fun. I went there years ago and remember really liking it.

  5. I grew up in Atlanta, and went to the bottling plant on school field trips many times. This was a most interesting post for me. Thanks!!

  6. I love touring places like interesting! I think I would lke the mango tea too!

  7. Fun! My husband loves touring places like this, and my kids would have LOVED tasting it al :)

  8. Looks like you are having fun on your trip!

    I've been to that museum, it's a blast..

  9. Being from Columbus, GA, I had always known that the formula for Coca Cola had been invented by a phamacisg from my home town. I've never visited the museum in Atlana. Living in San Francisco nearly 33 years, it's not been on the top of my list when I get home. Would love to do so, however.

    My Alphabe Thursday post is at:

  10. My family members are a bunch of coke freaks.

    Er...the liquid kind I mean...


  11. Wow , that sounds like a really fun place for the kids

  12. I love Coca Cola! I used to have my kitchen decorated in Coca Cola stuff years ago. Looks like you all had a good time, and congratulations on Emily's team for winning!

  13. I'm a Coke girl myself. Looking forward to hearing about the final score!

  14. Yeah! I was right! I'm pretty sure I guessed Coke. :) Looks like a fun place. My girls would have been all over that fountain trying every flavor.

  15. This is definitely not a place I would take my youngest! He already drinks waaaaaay too much coke!

  16. Wish I had been in town! I would have met you somewhere! We were on a cruise for spring break! Let me know when you are coming to Atl again...I'd love to see you.

  17. Looks like a really fun trip! A friend of mine was just there too!

    Your boys are very cute.

  18. Oh, what fun! It would be so neat to be able to taste all those flavors! I bet it gave your kids a lot of ZIP for the rest of the day!

    Thanks for this fun and fascinating wrap up to Alphabe-Thursday!

    I have really enjoyed visiting you each week! Hope to see you again on round three!

    Hugs and A+

  19. That looks like a really fun place! Great photos! We would love to do something like that. :)