Monday, April 4, 2011

BIG SOUTH weekend! Part one!

We spent this past weekend in Atlanta.
There was a really big volleyball tournament being held there.
In between all of this....
We were able to spend some time with the boys....seeing the sights, as well.
Our first stop was at the Georgia Aquarium.
We had a wonderful time. I recommend getting there early!
And then we headed back for more of this....

And we were still that was good!
The next day included more volleyball
and a delicious and refreshing tour of .....(to be continued)...

Now off to do all of that stuff that you have to do when you return from vacation.
I have so much to catch up on in blogland.
I'll be visiting around soon!
Enjoy your day!


  1. I enjoy looking round an aquarium or sea life centre. There is such an amazing variety of creatures which live in the water.

    Still winning is good! :)

  2. We love exploring new places...looks like a great place to see!

    Glad the team did well!

  3. Oh WOW! What a fun and busy weekend!!

  4. Life is good! What fun!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. Yay for you guys. Looks like fun. Those aquarium photos are really good.

  6. Hi there, Jen - long time no talk - I missed so much over the last few weeks, but I've loved catching up on all your posts! My best best friend's daughter turned 15 the day after Emily, they even look a lot alike (and she lives in NC too!), so that was a fun post for me to read - Happy Birthday to her! And all of your volleyball posts, wow - what a wonderful thing for her ... and for all of you, looks like the ATL trip was a lot of fun!!

    PS - I loved the post about your yellow house on the corner too ... please promise you'll keep it yellow, it is SO SO pretty - talk about curb appeal - it's gorgeous!

  7. Looks like a great trip! Hope you guys won! I'm going to guess Anheiser-Busch (are they in Atlanta) or maybe Coke?

    Oh, and I totally forgot about your fish down the drain! Sounds like you were able to keep him alive for a while though. Any other advice?

  8. oh man how i love volleyball tournaments!!! and what a great idea to take the boys on adventures. . they do get a little long:) what a fun trip! can't wait for that stage of life.