Monday, April 25, 2011

Sleeping the day away on Easter Sunday!

Sadly, this year I let Easter slip away!
We were so busy with all of our many activities that we didn't even do the minimum...egg decorating or even egg hunting.  I wonder if it is because my kids are getting older....they didn't even ask about the eggs. They knew there was a Bunny coming sometime soon. Saturday evening...they remembered it was that night...when they found the Easter baskets hiding in the closet!

I have been working night weekends for the past several years, so almost every weekend....I sleep on Sundays... all day. That was true for Easter Sunday too. My family went to church, where they all received brand new leather Bibles, then they enjoyed a wonderful Easter dinner with our dear friends and their family.
They ate ham and casseroles, fruit and rolls, deviled eggs and dessert. They had a water fight and played and enjoyed the celebration. Emily drank sweet tea for the first time in 40 days! And I just slept! I had to though, because on Sunday night, I was back at work for 12 more hours.

I have no pictures to fun crafty goodnes to share...I suppose I could share my friends recipe for pineapple cheese casserole (one of my favorites) was on my plate of leftovers.

I believe that Easter is absolutely worth celebrating. The fullness and glory and freedom that became mine because of the Risen Lord! I really do. I am certain that next year, things will be different. For now, I will be enjoying your photos and crafts and recipes .....and celebrations!

And......I can tell the school year will be coming to an end soon. So many things are filling up my calendar. Does that happen to your calendar too?  End of year parties, teacher gifts to buy, End of Grade testing, the start of swim team season, soccer and more soccer and so much more!
Will your week be as busy as mine?
Have a great one!


  1. Love that empty basket picture. Too funny! Don't worry about it. You did what you needed to do.

    And yes. The calendar becomes a mess this time of the year. Wayyyy too much goes on. And it's always when BSD is scarce so I do it alone. :(

  2. Oh yes! The calendar fills up (explodes, actually) during April and May! I can't keep up. I ended up heading to Target to fill baskets on Saturday afternoon. How did it get here so fast? So sorry you had to sleep on Easter. WIt is a special day, indeed. :)

  3. Wow, good for Emily! I don't think i could have done that at her age!

    I think Easter is a mindset not a day! Im pretty sure Jesus would understand the circumstances!

  4. Sorry you had to miss church and dinnner...I'm sure you were missed. I agree with Gabe though....
    Our calendar is filling up with all kinds of school stuff and activities...which makes me look forward to the laziness of summer all the more!

  5. hi, jen ... i'm sorry you had to miss easter - i have a sister-in-law who works those same o'nite shifts as a RN and she's had to miss a few important occasions along the way too :( and, yes, our calendars are suddenly in overdrive too - yikes!!

  6. I have to give a whole lot of credit to myself for buying a ton of stuff on discount last year, and even more credit to The Wife for making it all happen this year. I've been so busy with twice-weekly physical therapy that I didn't even realize until last week that it was Easter on Sunday. It was two more days before I realized that it was also my mom's birthday. At least I have an excuse.

  7. Sleep is important when you are working nights! There will be other Easters and God knows your motives.

    As far as school is concerned, we don't end our year until July. The dreaded exam season is just starting over here :(