Friday, April 15, 2011

Counting Carbs and what I had for breakfast!

Have you ever counted carbs?
They are everywhere! Really!

It all started last Wednesday! The day after my annual physical where I learned I had gained 4 pounds from last year. I agree that isn't bad, but if I let it 4 years I'll be up 16-20 pounds. Not good!
At first I thought, I'll just avoid pasta and rice and bread. Then I thought, I'll try to consume less than 100 carbs a day. So the counting began.

The first day I remember struggling to get a salad at Subway instead of a sub. I also had a bit of a hard time giving up Yeast Rolls from Golden Corral on the 5th grade field trip. I haven't had a cookie in over a week..unbelievable... really.
I have been enjoying (yes!) apples, humus, peanut butter, tuna, grilled chicken, peanuts, and jello pudding.
It has actually made a difference already. I feel skinnier somehow???
I'm not sure that I'm holding to less than 100 carbs...but I think I'm hanging pretty close.

I do not intend on doing this long term...and I do not intend on going back to Full On Carbs when I'm finished either. I'm hoping for a cookie here and there....and a sub from Jimmy John's too, although I do love their lettuce wraps.
Getting older really bites! I used to eat a candy bar a day...even late at night. Geeez! Donuts for breakfast are out of the question, so instead I'm having this.
Special K, Pecans, and Cranraisins!
21 + 1 + 5ish = 27 carbs already.

Of course that's way better than the 51 carbs in the bagel I would have had last week.
I do not own a I'll have to base my success on the way my clothes fit and how I am feeling.
In a few weeks I'll get on the scale at work. Cause, I gotta know if it's working, right?
Summer's coming yall!
Enjoy the season.  Here's hoping you have sunshine this weekend!


  1. Jen, I have changed my eating in the last month and have lost 8 pounds. Just be careful because if you eat too much protein you could develop kidney stones (like I did, yuck!!!). Also, try tracking your cals on It has really helped me focus in on cholestrol and sodium too! Congrats on your healthy eating. You are even more adorable now!! hugs, cathy

  2. My other post has the link for Zoe's and locations. I think you are in NC? I can't remember? They have a lot of locations there. Anyway, it's delicious! And, I have been technically off carbs (sweets, bread, chips, crackers, rice, pasta) for 2 1/2 weeks now. My clothes are sooooo loose. I'm feeling great. Good luck to you!

  3. i'm struggling to do the same. i have 4 pounds to lose myself and have been trying my best to stay away from sweets and the carb intake. so hard but yet it's a good way to practice self control.

    thanks for following. happy to meet you. here's to losing our 4 pounds!

    happy friday!

  4. hi jen - good for you for dropping the carbs, that is soooo hard, I definitely love me those carbs ;-) I've tried to watch the carbs off and on as well ... not easy! Good Luck with it!!

  5. I love carbs. Luckily I am supposed to eat like 70 percent carbs. Unfortunately it is not the cookie kind I am supposed to eat.
    I am anxious to see how this turns out for you. Good luck!

  6. Good luck. I agree, carbs are evil and they are everywhere. I also agree that getting older stinks. I miss donuts too. Although I have enjoyed a few since being preggo, I figure this is the last time I'll ever get to indulge, sort of.

  7. I am a carbaholic. It is my addiction. Along with Diet Coke. I just have to have them. I can eat huge plate of food that doesn't include carbs and 20 minutes later I'll be rooting around the kitchen for some bread type food or a bowl of cereal. I can eat way less calories if I just eat the darn carbs! But, you're right. Getting older stinks, and my scale is way over my max magic number right now. I could usually get it right back down after a day or two of good eating. But this past month it ain't budging. And I'm scared!

    Good luck w/your new eating plan!

  8. Good luck to you!! I've been counting calories and have started losing some very unwanted pounds. Lots more to go, though. Yes, getting older sucks sometimes...

  9. Because of some medical issues, I have to be careful of the Carb. The most important thing to remember is to keep your blood sugar even through out the day. That will eliminate the carb-crave most of us get in the afternoon. So rather than thinking of 100g/day...think of it as a 30/15/30/15/30...that is 3 meals of 30g and 2 (or even 3) snacks of 15g. It works. Although you will hate it the first couple of weeks.

  10. I've been low carbing for exactly two months now, and have dropped 19 lbs. I guess a lot of it is water at first. I have been very strict. No added sugar or simple carbs. I am eating as much as I want, so for me it seems to be the ticket.

  11. Carbs are evil, why are they so good? It works for me if I just don't make carbs for dinner. Meat and veggies.