Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I wore Wednesday...the troubles I'm having.


I have always wanted to participate in "What I wore Wednesday".
I first saw it on Mandy's blog and then I saw it on April's blog too. The original WIWW link up is HERE!
Every time I tried to take a photo of myself in what I thought was a worthy outfit, I had camera troubles...or I suppose I should say photographer troubles.
The lighting was never right. The camera would take a blurry photo, because I couldn't press the button halfway to focus. Or there would be okay lighting and clarity, but I would look huge or wrinkled or well you know. And then there was the occasional good photo...then I would notice the mess on the floor or something else in the background that made me say "no" to posting again. pulled my daughter's mirror into my bathroom so that the lighting would be right, cleaned the floor a bit, tried not to squint, and took some photos.
And look how many I took....of the floor, the ceiling, the cabinets....etc....
Finally I got one of the entire outfit..almost!
Oh, the troubles I have!
Dress....Kohls...3 years ago.
Sweater...New York and Company

Maybe next week, I'll have more luck!
We'll see!


  1. Cute outfit Jen! YOur hair has grown since your last picture. I am noticing your green walls...very nice! I am thinking green is a better bathroom color than kitchen color!

  2. You look great!!

    I love all those stores.

    I want to play too. Who can I get to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and snap my picture??

  3. I had that problem too, so I made my daughter snap some pics real quick! Darling outdfit though:)

  4. No one tells you how hard it is to take a self-portrait, do they? I've tried.
    But hello? You look great. I'm so jealous of your hair.

  5. Yeah Yeah! Love the outfit, a perfect mix for Winter/Spring between:) My problem is I don't have a full length mirror. Ugh! Is it terrible to buy one JUST SO I can participate in WIWW:) He he!

  6. ok, first of all, I love what you're wearing, so cute!! And second of all, I'm laughing so hard over your troubles b/c I thought that I must be the only uncoordinated WIWW wannabe out there - I have never once participated, but only b/c getting the photos seems to totally vex me - I just don't get how to do it!! Congrats on nailing a few of these, they look great!

  7. ha ha ha... this is the BEST WIWW post I have ever seen!! First your outfit is fabulous!! and second... I love the collage!! Well done!! I only wear jeans and basic t's... Stacy and Clinton would be ALL over me... making me cry and sob!! ha ha! really... you did great! and I love the outfit!

  8. Have you got a delay timer on your camera? (I know I have, though I haven't tried it 'cus I hate being on THAT side of the camera!)

    I couldn't wear any of these clothes, but they look good on you!

  9. You look so cute! Love the dress, of course, I love Kohl's too.

    I'd love to participate in this but I don't have a full length mirror anywhere in here, and I could see Michael looking at me like I'm a crazy person if I asked him to take a picture of me so i can blog what I was wearing. Guys just don't understand...

  10. Self portraits ARE hard!!
    I think you look great.:)
    Have a happy day

  11. Cute outfit! I love the punch of pink & the boots with the dress!