Thursday, March 10, 2011

V is for Volleyball, of course!

How could "V" be for anything else?
At this point in our lives, during this time of year...we are consumed with volleyball.
Zac says, "I wish Emily didn't even know what a volleyball was."
That may be a little extreme.

Emily plays volleyball year round. High School and Travel. We love the sport and the teams she has been a part of. The families are wonderful to travel with and we have been extremely blessed.
We are fully into this season with about 5 more tournaments left to go. Then it will be time for spring and summer warm-ups at the High School and a summer camp or two, as well.
My husband has even started playing volleyball at the Y. He has learned a lot from Emily and has become really good. Jonathan cheers and gets all nervous when they are playing and helps me yell at the ref every now and then too. That is really all I am good for....shouting and cheering and jumping around. Yes. Embarrassing!

Emily started out with activities like T-ball, soccer, gymnastics and dance. She never really loved any of that. One day in the 6th grade she asked if she could play rec volleyball with some school friends. It was only $45 dollars for 6 weeks. Yes!
The first time I saw her play...I said...How did she learn to play like that? It was natural. No kidding.
From then on, she progressed quickly to play at the next level every where she played. She attended a summer camp at Wake Forest University where the head coach quickly moved her up to the High School level, then she made her High School Varsity team as a freshman.
Of course, she would love to play in College. We want to be sure that she understands what a huge commitment that is...and how different her college experience will be if that happens.
She is still very young....not too many other things pulling at her we will see. For now we are all (except Zac) having a blast with her love of Volleyball.

I can't believe we are nearing the end of the alphabet.
Alphabe-Thursdays are so much fun.
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Happy Thursday!

Jenny Matlock


  1. that Zac comment is something that my Jake would say. . .gotta love those boys who are always thinking, huh??

    Isn't it fun to find something that they are just naturally good at? Doesn't always happen that way!

  2. what a gift that emily was able to find something she's such a natural at - no doubt it fills her with confidence and all of the other benefits that come from being part of a team ... yay!!

  3. I was wondering when you'd post some new volley ball picks. My daughter wants to try next year and I am so glad. I think she will be great. She looks like she is having a blast!!!

  4. Sometimes, they have to try out a few different things before they settle on the one which is just right for them, but isn't it fantastic when they find it?!

  5. So wish Eldest had had a better experience with V-Ball. She loved the game, just not the politics of the sport. She's back to soccer now. But she still loves the game of V-Ball. So glad Emily has had good experiences.

  6. Volleyball is a fun sport!! I'm glad that Emily is enjoying it so much.

  7. hey you...are we on line at the same time worlds away!!??
    i love that!!

    how cool is your must be so super proud....!
    our son {who is 10} just signed with an premiership league football {read soccer} club here in the UK...
    he's been head-hunted alot & finally made a we totally know how committed your family is to emily's travel and sporting needs...
    but what can you do- but help them persue things that make them happy in life!!

    melissa xx

  8. It's a great sport. We have a lot of friends whose kids play it.


  9. Of course how can we not have volleyball ! :) Great Game ! I played volleyball in junior high but that's as far as it got . I set the ball once and sprained my thumb . ouch.

  10. I have a friend who is not much younger than I am (in other words, she is old!) and she still plays on a volleyball team.

  11. How nice that she's found something to be passionate about! Your pictures are great.


  12. It's been years since I played volleyball. Years, but I still remember how fun it was - I only ever played recreationally on co-ed teams. One time I blocked this tall guy's spike - it was just sheer luck that I happened to be up at the right time and hit it just right, but he was very surprised (and so was I)! Hopefully Zac will find his own passion and then begin to understand his sister's.

  13. love the shots,
    bright and fun to look at them.

    what a fun v take.

  14. What a great sport!

    I love the pictures of healthy, happy, ahtletic girls making their own mark in the serve at a time.

    I hope my Grands find a sport they are as enthusiastic with. I think it does keep them focused!

    I also really enjoyed the vivid pictures you shared here.

    Thanks for a wonderful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "V".