Tuesday, March 22, 2011


15 years ago today.....we had a little baby!
Our first!
And it is true..what they say...the years do fly!

When I think back to myself as a fifteen year old...the word that comes to mind is awkward. You know that time in your life when you didn't really seem like yourself. For me...I remember a mouthful of big braces, mousy brown hair, a scrawny little body, and hopes of making the cheer leading squad and having a boyfriend so I could feel more special, less awkward.

Not awkward like this....
....dressing up in a crazy costume at Young Life and wearing it to Chic~Fila to be judged for a chance to earn your team a free meal. To me...this shows confidence....and a crazy, fun, adventurous personality!

Not awkward like this either....
Making Chrystal Light in a giant measuring cup...then just adding a straw and drinking it from there.
This shows the smarts to know that cleaning one less cup saves a little time....more time for texting I guess!

And not even awkward like this....
Laughing at yourself because you know that your Dad got you back.
...Celebrating your birthday at a restaurant with a bunch of singing waiters!

Today will be busy. We are heading to the DMV after school for a Learner's Permit, then Em will drive to volleyball practice. I'm sure she will do fine...I'm more worried about how I will do.

Enjoy your day...and be mindful of the time! It really does fly! I mean it!


  1. Wow. There is a theme today. Almost every blog that I've stopped by has had a reminder of how quickly time passes. And, it's so true.
    Happy birthday to your daughter! She looks so much like you!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! How I wish I looked like that at 15!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Emily!! Yes, the years do fly by incredibly fast, so enjoy every minute!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    Tell your daughter she shares a birthday with one of your blog readers ;-)

  5. Happy Birthday, wow, a learners permit, that is scaring me to death. Have a lovely day!

  6. A learners permit...how excited she must be today! Happy Birthday Emily!

  7. Next year we hit 15! Amazing how fast it really does go!

    Glad she is so confident...how did you do that?

  8. She is gorgeous! Her confidence is AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Happy Birthday Emily!
    Would you believe I was 15 when I met and started dating V. We were so young ! Oh my!
    Have a wonderful and pretty day!

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter. She's beautiful, and looks like a lot of fun too! It sure does go fast Jen....crazy scary fast!

    Good luck with the whole driving thing...I can't even imagine:)

  10. Love the pictures... You are a brave soul!! ha ha! That picture does show confidence... and silly... two great qualities! I loved Young Life as a teen! But I was not as brave as you! =)

    Happy Birthday to your not so little girl!!

    I agree with the live moves way too fast... it is killing me to watch my little girl grow up so fast!! She goes into middle school next year and I am dying!! =) **sigh**

  11. Leaner's permit, birthday, drinking out of the bowl...Life Is Good.
    Love the brave dress up costume. Did they win? She'd get my vote.

  12. Hi Jen!
    We both have beautiful daughters and are very proud mamas! Ashleigh will be 15 in Sept. I enjoy your blog so much!

  13. Happy birthday to her. She is gorgeous!

    Yes, the years fly by.....oh so fast.