Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over 40,Overeating,Overgrowth, Overstuffed!

Over 40....
Overeating leads to overgrowth....
And I am feeling a little overstuffed in my favorite jeans.

Surely my metabolism is slowing down. I am noticing the effects of holiday treats and time away from the gym much more this year than in years past. Yikes!

I must is January....and it is cold.
Aren't we suppossed to be a little plumper during the cold to keep warm?
And aren't we suppossed to be a little lazier and less active. It is afterall, a time for some to hibernate.

I also must remember that summer is coming...just like it did last year and the year before that!
My running shoes are waiting for me in my closet....and my new work out clothes (purchased with Christmas gift cards) are waiting too.

I could begin by eating less.
Then I could add the 'exercising more' part next week.
But today.....when Emily and I went out to lunch after her exams....I ordered a burger...and fries.

It's time for a little self evaluation....and self control.
Tonight I will have a salad.....
and I will wear my jeans a few more times between washings.

One of my friends has really gotten into Zumba...maybe that's the answer.

Today is alphabe-Thursday!
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  1. Right there with you Jen! I only went to the gym on Tuesday of this week...and am making any excuse in the book not to be there right now. Jeans are cozy, so I'm wearing skirts and tights until I lose my middle...AGAIN. Every January it happens. Try's a blast. I take it at the gym, but bought the wii version last week on Amazon. A lot of fun, and a great workout!

  2. I love this post! Funny how that happens every January, isn't it? It's so hard to work up the energy to jump back on the exercise wagon, especially when it's the perfect time to cozy up by the fire with hot cocoa and a good book!

  3. I've been seeing Zumba everywhere, it looks like fun. I think I'm suffering from a bit of SAD and don't want to do anything, plus i also want warm sweet things to make sure I have the energy to do more nothing : ) I'm hoping I snap out of it quickly. A closet full of clothes over here and can't wear a thing, so yes catch it quick my friend. I need an intervention.

  4. My suggestion is just to buy some larger jeans and enjoy the burger.
    I've been doing a dorky workout called "Turbo Jam" in the mornings. I say dorky because it sounds dorky, but I love it. It's kickin' my butt.

  5. I'm laughing at Dana. How can we intervene and help her? :)
    I've been feeling the same way for the past few months--not the winter part, the slow metabolism part. I wish there was an easy answer, but I've decided it's all will power. And I'm not ready to exercise that just yet.

  6. step away from the running shoes. :] be lazy like me!

  7. geez, I thought I took the cake on january laziness ... looking thru these comments, I guess I'm not alone!! wish we could all zumba together!!

  8. I have been working out, but this makes me feel like I am not the only junk food junkie out there lately!!

  9. So I like Zumba, I just hate driving to the class, getting changed and driving home. sigh...

  10. I am dieting and as soon as the injections I have been getting in my back really take a hold I am getting back on the treadmill. Going for 20 pounds this year because it just keeps adding up.

  11. I have so much insulation, I could survive the North Pole. :o)

  12. I have a news flash that helps the belly roll - high waisted jeans are back in style! I forgot how wonderful it is to tuck that flab under denim where it belongs. They also have the skinnier cut, which is more flattering, so buy new jeans and keep eating the fries! (You probably still look adorable even if you are worried about excess baggage!)

  13. Zumba class sounds good to me!!
    Can I come?
    Burger and fries after exams....I say go for it and work out a bit harder tomorrow!!
    Enjoy the night

  14. Not fair, if food can make us pudgy why does it taste so good:@)

  15. yeah ... why does it taste so good ...

  16. Count me in on slothdom January. It's all I can do to visit folks in this meme. I may need a nap soon. If I can get my butt unstuck from this chair that shrunk over the holidays.

  17. So it's official...January is for being less active...although the gym parking lot has been full since Jan 1st. Zumba is the only class at the rec we belong to that I haven't tried. I just don't think my body moves that way...maybe if the lights were turned off and no one would see me! :)

  18. maybe we could get Kerris friend to skpye a class for all of bloggers. Then we could do it in the privacy of our own homes!

    it sure is hard when you start down the path of not good food. . .it tastes so good!

  19. Ny friend and I both agree that Zumba looks like so much fun, but we would probably pass out after a few minutes!!

  20. I just told Kerri that I have wanted to try Zumba forever but my YMCA charges more for it and i won't give them any more money! I have heard it is so fun and addicting. January is depressing every year, it always seems like spring is so far away, hang in there!

  21. I think we all suffer from January blahs. If you find a solution you'll have to let the rest of us in on it. For now I'm just trying to keep myself moving and try a little self control. Some days are better than others.

  22. I've been feeling rather like a slug lately too. I think it's all these dark days. I know they're supposed to be getting longer now but here they're not getting any BRIGHTER!

  23. My gym bag has been sitting in my trunk for the past four weeks. Maybe you could challenge us to run again!!

  24. I need to do jeans are ticked at me...

  25. Acckkk!!! I'm not even going to discuss the too tight jean issue. Today I put one foot on the waistband on the floor and pulled with my other hands as hard as I could!


    I haven't heard of Zumba, but I have started walking again with my walking sticks...hopefully that will shrink me enough so I can at least breathe when I'm dressed in something other than sweatpants!

    Thanks for a fun stop this week Jen!

    It's always fun to see what you come up with.