Friday, January 28, 2011

My eyes are bugging out!

It seems that when it rains ~ it pours!
A few nights ago, while I was uploading some photos to my blog, my monitor went black. didnt just went black. The wake-up button would bring it right back...but only for a few seconds.
I ask my husband to bring his laptop home for me to use that afternoon. When I went to turn it wouldn't power on. Really?
I began to Panic!!! My husband uses his laptop for work, of course. And now somehow I had broken both of our computers in one day!

Emily was out of school that day because of Exam make-ups...unexcused absence...another story!
She and I headed out for a quick lunch and a hunt for a computer repair shop. We wanted to avoid the "bank taking" trip to the Best Buy Geek Squad if at all possible.
After a few stops and a barely helpful fellow at Office max...we found just what we were searching for...a repair shop that charges only $25 to diagnose the problems and $40 labor (including the $25) to do the repair.
He assured me he could fix the laptop (Whew!) and he believed my desk top problems were only with the monitor. He recommended that I hook my computer up to my  flat screen tv, which we recently got during an awesome after Christmas sale at Costco, to be sure.

So here I am...blogging and checking email and doing my banking on my computer with a 32" monitor.

The boys are sad because the Wii is once again hooked up to the old 20" tv.... and my eyes are bugging out!
After a few minutes, I start to get a headache. Geeez!
We are waiting for the guys at the repair shop to get in some refurbished monitors. I can get a great deal there. Soon hopefully. 

I have been using my son's itouch to read your blogs.
The other extreme completely....and it impossible to comment.
I hope to be back to my old bloggy self again soon.

Thanks for so many sweet comments on yesterdays post.
I'll be sending David's mom a copy too....she will find comfort in all the nice things you had to "say".
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Only thing more frustrating than computer problems is car problems! Hope all gets fixed soon before you have problems :)) LOL. (That's the extent of my poetry talent!)

  2. Wow, it is definitely pouring. Glad you at least have something to work with, being computerless for a few days is so maddening.

  3. Oh geez!!! Hope things get better!!!

  4. omg, either 32"or an itouch for a screen?! now that's what I call technical difficulties!!

  5. We have a Dell Flat screen monitor that you can have if you want it. Just ask Kim. Chris H.

  6. Oh my gosh! Extremes. A 20 inch tv screen and an itouch. That is enough to bug the eyes out.

  7. HI Chris H.
    So great to hear from you!!!!
    Hope all is well!