Monday, January 31, 2011

Mug Shots and a Coffee Bathroom

I have a thing for coffee.
I have a few favorite coffee mugs.
They range from dollar store treasures to Starbucks novelties.
Dollar tree mug. Sweet Christmas gift. 
A personalized gift from Emily. 
A giant size mug for David from all of us.
My favorite.
Another dollar store mug. This one from Jonathan.
I love the shape and it holds the perfect amount of coffee. 
The mugs I use most often...
on my way out the door in the morning.

 I have a coffee bathroom.

I really do have a thing for coffee....
but the home-brewed grocery store brand...
not the fancy, bitter, or super strong kind. 
Do you have a thing for coffee too?


  1. Oh I love coffee too! And, a great mug can make it even more enjoyable. I've actually been thinking lately that I should treat myself and buy a new, fun mug. I do tend to like strong, bitter coffee. And, my favorite is what a friend of ours rooasts himself!

  2. Nope, no coffee for me...but I do love coffee ice cream! I really wish I liked's what people our age get together and do. I do like tea...and the right mug makes it taste even better.
    Love the color of your bathroom. Do you have a coffee smelling candle in there too?

  3. Nope. But the bathroom is darling.

  4. I love your coffee bathroom!

  5. I didn't always love coffee the way I do now. I started drinking it after we had Kam. I do need a good mug though.
    All I have are the mugs that go with our dishes and travel mugs that have my work stuff on them:) Sugar free vanilla creamer and splenda...Yummy!

  6. Totally! We love different mugs with fun sayings, fancy China mugs and vintage mugs. Half the fun in the morning is choosing the cup that suits your mood for the day. We bought our daughter an espresso maker for Christmas and it was the best gift ever. Now I get a daily latte!

  7. No (Mormon) but I do have a thing for Cocoa and you are right about that mug being just the right shape. But what I wanted to say is how adorable that bathroom is!

  8. Jen, I love you coffee bathroom~very cool! I am a coffee girl! cutting down though!! you have to link up to Amy's Virtual Coffee. go here:
    Thanks for your comment! Was there a problem with my blog button? hmmm. hugs, cathy

  9. So cool!! I LOVE coffee - and have a scattered mug collection too :) I often laugh at how "worried" i get about breaking one of my dollar mugs! You can always replace a Starbucks mug, but those dollar deals don't come around as often! LOL

  10. Ohhhhhh! I love your new blog header!! Very cute Jen! Jen, if you wouldn't mind trying to copy the code for my button one more time. Make sure you get all of it.. I don't think I had it in there properly! thx, cathy

  11. adorable new header, jen! and, i'm just like kerri - i've never fallen into the coffee habit as a drink, but I sure do love me some coffee ice cream ;-)

  12. loving the coffee bathroom!

    And about the mug thing. . .having just the right mug is so very important. David makes fun of me because, I don't like to drink coffee out of these mugs we have that have a really think rim around the edge. . .but it totally ruins the experience for me! 8 Oclock coffee is my favorite brand!

  13. I love the smell of coffee brewing (especially when paired with bacon!) but i don't drink it at all. Your bathroom is darling!

  14. I do love my coffee. Even more, now that I only have a cup once in awhile, and oh it goes down oh so good. It is very late, and now I'm craving a cup...sigh. Love your new header Jen. It looks great!