Friday, December 3, 2010

A Friday "Flowering Plant" for you!

I really can't believe it.
I even called my Mom to tell her.
She didn't believe it either.
My thumbs are...well, not green.
So, this came as a huge surprise!
My Christmas Cactus....
It's blooming!
I am afraid to touch it...or water it...or breathe on it.
It has been living in my kitchen window since last Christmas.
I guess it likes it there.
And how in the world does it know it's Christmas?

Happy Friday!


  1. That is cool. I understand your excitement. I can kill cactus myself.
    I really want one now, but it is too pretty to kill.

  2. I've never heard of a Christmas Cactus...pretty cool! Hmmmmm? Maybe it hears the Christmas music playing?

  3. Beautiful! I don't have a green thumb either, and I have an orchid blooming in my window that I haven't killled for three years. Maybe I should get a Christmas cactus now.

  4. I love Christmas Cactuses. They are beautiful when they bloom. I too do not venture into plant adoption. My only saving grace? Bamboo.

  5. It looks very healthy and happy!! Don't move it!! It amazes me that they bloom only at Christmas time.

  6. awww pretty!
    I love plants and flowers, but sadly they don't stand a chance in my house.

  7. So pretty and I love the new header!

  8. I gave one as a gift one year... and my step mom was delighted when it bloomed in Dec!! I kill house plants... *sigh*

    It is beautiful!! ;)

  9. Congratulations on your plant. You're one up on me. I can't keep anything alive. I opt for artificial plants. They're tacky I know, but I also know what's going to happen to the real ones the minute I bring them home.
    How did your son's school project turn out?

  10. My ex-husband was a forestry major in college, and his mother gave me a plant for our new place. He says, "It has a right to LIVE!!" Ummm...yeah, I don't have a green thumb either...but I love plants. How weird is that!?

  11. I think that's why they call it a Christmas cactus. It can sense the presence of presents hidden in the house, just like kids!

  12. This cracks me up b/c I too have a terrible time with a "not green" thumb ... if that were my plant, I'd have greeted it with the same shock and enthusiasm!! Nice job!!

  13. That is just beautiful!

  14. I love Christmas cactus'. I am happy for you that yours is blooming! They are so pretty. It's weird how it knows it's Christmas, huh?!