Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Real Messy Me!

Today is the day we expose the real us!
Jen over at Denton Sanitorium has done it again...issued an assignment , if you will, to help us realize the realness that is sometimes hidden in Blogland!
This is what I wear when I take Emily to school.
PJ pants, then throw on the shirt I wore the day before that is lying in a pile
 (in a specific piling place in my room) and boots or crocs.
Sometimes I add my goofy 1996 eye glasses 'cause I 'm too lazy to put my contacts in.
I have had to pump gas several times in this get-up...with the goofy glasses.
Okay...Please go here to see the fixed-up me!
Not sure if you can tell what this is....but it represents
what my house smells like when you walk in the back door.
Not the Pumpkin spice or french vanilla candle type smell...
No...the smelly gym bag type smell.
We can't keep it in the garage because bugs might get in it...cause there's
probably some sweet tarts or an old cheese stick stuffed inside it somewhere!
(This is too real...isn't it?)
Okay now...please go smell your Yankee candle
 to see what my house would smell like if you came to visit!
This represents the reality of my life with 2 little wild boys.
This is my neighbor's broken window.
One of my boys kicked the soccer ball toward their house on purpose because
we don't have a practice goal and he was tired of running after the ball.
When asked, "Why on earth would you kick a ball toward their house (where there are many windows), he said, "I didn't think I could kick it that hard." Hmmmmmm.
The good news, which hopefully speaks to my most wonderful parenting style...
(I have to keep something sacred over here)
is that he came to me immediately to confess and he will be raking lots and lots
of leaves to repay the $195.00 that it cost us to replace the window! 
The incident occurred just a few weeks after my other little boy threw a piece of ice
at a friend, who then had to get stitches. We are still waiting on the final medical bill.
At least I won't have to rake leaves this year!
Please don't be scared! We just keep the door closed!
This represents the trials of living with a teenage girl!
She has so many clothes she can't keep them put away...
or maybe she just has better things to do with her text her friends or
play around on Facebook....or study for Spanish at the last possible minute....
or ask us to drive her somewhere....or take a really long shower and use
up all the hot water and leave her mess all over the bathroom....
or ask us for more money....or text her friend again!
The good news is, I took this pic yesterday (she didn't know it), and last night after I had
 tucked the boys into bed....I came out to find that all of those clothes had been put away.
Today she was wearing the cutest shirt.
I said, "Where did you get that?"
"I forgot I had it...I found it in my closet!" Ta Da!
So many of my bloggy friends have photos of their beautiful lush lawns
and well manicured flower beds.
Sadly, this is my lawn in the front of the house.
We have the most fabulous house right on the corner of the cul-de-sac.
There are about 17 kids that live within 2 blocks and guess where they like to
play "Cops and Robbers"? You guessed it! And BASE is my front porch!
My lawn really doesn't stand a chance.
 We planted new grass last week and it is starting to come in.
 The kids have been forbidden to play in the grass for a few weeks....
so they have switched to Four Square in the driveway!
We always said we wanted our home to be the one where the kids would play!
We'll just have to wait a few years for the lush lawn, I guess!
And the last thing I would like to set straight involves meal time!
We are on the run a lot. Yesterday we had another volleyball game.
This was our dinner. Frozen chicken nuggets, salad, and applesauce.
Sometimes when we are in a hurry, we have cereal for dinner.
Does that make you cringe and think..oh my gosh...can she be serious?
I hope you are saying...Yay! Someone else feeds her children junk at times.
Let me say this! Even though it may not be gourmet or even decent,
 we eat it at the table...together. We say the blessing and do our best to
have some soft of order...and table manners.
When we are all going to be home, I'll fix spaghetti... or pork loin...or chicken casserole.
But really...the kids would much rather have cereal or Sloppy Joes!
And in the morning they'll eat a good breakfast...usually waffles and fruit...or cereal! Ha!

For now, I think that should be enough reality from over here! I hope you can identify with some of my messiness! I hope to find comfort in your reality as well!

Knowing that I am not the only one being exposed today is quite comforting for sure!
Please head on over to Jen's blog to see and hear about other bloggers who have also exposed a little of their messiness.....and if you haven't done so already, feel free to link up with your messiness too.
And Anna cheated...kind of...but you've gotta check her'll love her post!


  1. This is a great idea! I love your lawn explanation ;) I think you and your house = FUN and loving. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    heading over to see some more before kiddo pick-up and there fore house chaos!!

    melissa xx

  3. YEAH on the raking!, Jake worked a "deal" with his dad on his punishment for his bad attitude day and he is supposed to rake the yard, but considering the size and scope of that job, it would be corporal punishment to expect him to do it all himself!

    Love the smell bag photo. . .who knew that little people could make smells so bad?

  4. Yep, I totally feel better now. Now I know it's not just our house!

  5. Thanks for keepin' it real girl. It's a hard thing to do and you are brave. I may or may not do the same, but know are in good company.

  6. Now I know!
    My son as that same bed as your daughter. I just painted his black.
    Our yard was home base for the many cul de sac baseball games and I thought The Coach was going to have a stroke over the bald patches!!
    That was fun and entertaining. I'll head over to read the others! Thanks for sharing.

  7. You rock! Love that your house is the place to be!

  8. I am not sure I want to face reality...but perhaps...

  9. What a fun post. I really got a kick out of it!


  10. I'm afraid to admit Boyd gets chicken nuggets, a lot! I always said I wouldn't be one of "those" moms, but apparently now I am. :)

    Sorry about that broken window. I fear for those in our future as well.

    Loved your post here!

  11. LOVE this post! I could totally challenge you to a worst lawn contest. We're on a cul-de-sac too and the dogs don't give our lawn a chance. That, and the fact that I always forget to water it.

    You've also got me beat on the sitting down to eat at the table. 8 out of 10 nights, we eat here, there and everywhere.

  12. I'm loving the reality in all of these posts. Makes it nice to see that everyone else lives the same way we do from time to time :)

  13. Gosh you even look cute in PJ pants and a dirty shirt. Sheesh. I hate you. I mean I would like to hate you but you are too nice and I like your blog too much to hate you because you are cute in PJ pants. LOL

  14. You have no idea how happy I was to see your teen daughters messy room. I thought something was wrong with mine, but I see now maybe she is normal? Thank you so much. I just stared at the picture for a long time, knowing that I am not alone in the fight to see the floor.

  15. So glad you have a normal life! It always seems like everyone has it so together in blog land. I love this challenge. Thanks for sharing. I love your pumpkins decorations, those faces are so cute. And I am jealous you have someone to share clothes with. My daughter can't wait until we can share clothes, she talks about it all the time.

  16. We dress a lot alike in the morning! Love it.

  17. This was a great thing that Jenny did. I'm really enjoying it! You are PRECIOUS. I love the photo of the outfit. Cute!

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. This is such a great post, Jen! I love that you are brave enough to keep it real with us! :) I think many of us can attest to so much of what you wrote, including eating cereal for dinner (we do that sometimes, too...and we have no excuse, because we don't have children! I guess we are just lazy?!).

    And even in your jammies, you're adorable. :)

  19. Jen, I love how REAL you are!! Three busy kids makes for a crazy life, doesn't it? I can really relate to the teenage daughter & the condition of the bedroom! The gym bag-mmm, I get nervous if I do take a second to peek in there (and then I get mad!!). Love this post! You are a great blogger:)

  20. Hahaha this is one of my fav posts ever :). Awesome!!!!!! :) Thanks for being real! I'm right there with ya girl!