Friday, October 15, 2010

I never had a sister...

to share my clothes with!

But now...I have a daughter that is willing to share her clothes with me! Yay!
Emily has such a great sense of style..and she knows how to shop...and lucky for me...her closet is in the room next to mine!
Yesterday, I popped into her room and found this cute little top. It I wore it!
She didn't seem to mind...well, not too much anyway.
After all, she pops into my closet every now and then too!
Loving all the things we share...and looking forward to her feet growing just a half size more!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. My mom and I used to share clothes too!
    You can fit into Emily's clothes because you are a skinny minny! Such a cute picture of you! Maybe it's time I get my butt running!

  2. Ha!ha! Only the tops...No way I'm fittin in her little skinny minnie jeans...ever!

  3. Oh, if only I were the same size as my daughter... I think life would be just about perfect. The top looks great on you.

  4. Cute picture! The top looks adorable on you!

  5. Hey, I need a pair of jeans...look for something in there for me too.
    Just kidding because I'm not fitting into anything your daughter can fit into. I think I was her size in 3rd grade.

  6. I'm looking forward to that day in this house!! Especially the shoes:)

  7. cute!!!!!

    how cool are you trading clothes with your gorgeous gal!!

    melissa xx

  8. I never had a sister either - and I was only my mom's tiny size for a short while before I passed her by (she's 4 inches shorter - very petite!). BUT ... now I have TWO daughters who are right on track to be more or less my size ... yay!! This post has me all encouraged that we're just a couple of years short of this point :-) CUTE top btw ... love!

  9. All my mom and I shared was jewelry. Lucky you! (and cute you)

  10. I had a sister, but we never shared clothes. Our tastes are like night and day. Maybe it will happen with my ballerinas though. I can only hope!

    You are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. I think you need to participate in What I Wore Weds now. You can show us all the things you've swiped from your cute daughter. :)

  11. Too cute Jen. . .I love that she "let" you borrow her shirt:)

    I can't even imagine what it will be like here in a few years. . .three teenage girls fighting over clothes!

  12. I really enjoyed the few years that my daughter and i could share clothes a bit. Hers kind of sparked my wardrobe up a bit (and made me more cool) and mine gave hers a sophistication she couldn't yet afford. Plus, we had lots of fun mixing and matching.

  13. you are so tiny and how fun. Maybe some day I will share clothes with my girls. But probably not... insert sad face.