Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Off sides?

What is "off sides" anyway?
I have so much to learn...and I really need a new camera!
For the last 4 seasons, Jonathan has played baseball ~ a sport that I have no trouble understanding. This fall, Jonathan has decided to try something new..... he is playing soccer.

Soccer is pretty huge around here, so it is strange that at the age of 11, he is just now giving it a try. He is a great little athlete and his biggest strengths are his speed and agility. He is working on his ball handling and becoming more comfortable with the idea that he might get kicked in the shins. Yikes!
I am struggling with the rules...the positions...the can do's and can't do's....and the "off sides".

I'm sure I will catch on just about the time the season is over.
And I'm looking forward to the day that my friend with the fancy camera comes to a game....so I'll have some sweet action shots..that aren't blurry!

Good Game!!!

Happy Tuesday to ya!
The rain is gone and it's feeling like fall over here!


  1. good for him to take up something new!!

    I do think that our kids have to pick sports so early. . .its nice when they can try them on and see if the fit!

  2. When you asked about "off sides" I was thinking football. I have no idea what it means in soccer.
    MAybe it referes to the penalty and the ball will be taken back into play from the side line. Both of my older kiddos played soccer, but it's been years and I NEVER knew what the terminology meant. I know what a "headder" is and that's about it.
    Good on your little guy for having the courage to try something new. That's awesome.

  3. We have been involved in soccer for ten years now, and I still don't know what's going on. Its likely because the eldest always played keeper and well, I don't really watch the game, I just watch the net. Its an exciting game though. We love it.

  4. Haha - I have no idea what 'off-sides' means either! Even with out a big, fancy camera you still got some great shots. Looks like he was having fun too!

  5. Have a great season! La

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  7. Soccer is SO popular here, but I was glad that Sam didn't want to play this season! Neil and I don't really get it either. :o)

  8. Good for Jonathon for wanting to try out soccer...looks like he knows what he's doing!
    And look at those fancy shoes!

  9. Good for him! And I wish it didn't feel like August here..ready for sweaters!

  10. Oh yay!! I get to be the one who tells you what off sides is!! ;) My hubby is coaching our daughter's soccer team (learning as he goes) ...
    ok... he just re-explained it to me for the 100th time! ha ha! If one of your son's players is near the goal waiting to receive the ball to score... the player has to be "behind" the other teams defense player. Meaning you can't have a player waiting at the goalie box waiting to score. Does that make sense? I can't keep track of it... how on earth can the kids really keep track of their defense players when they are just trying to score for pity sakes! It is a great sport for the most part! We are super proud of our little girl conquering her soccer skills (and fears) one season at a time! ;)

  11. Sorry no help from me either. Now if you had asked what a plie was, I'd be jumping up and down to tell you.

    Have fun learning the ropes! :)