Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom Mobile!

This morning on my way home, I was overwhelmed by the mess that surrounded me in my car!
Books, bags, several shoes in the floor, an empty snack wrapper, a banana peel (mine), at least 3 drink cups...a volleyball tee shirt and a tennis ball....and that's just what I could see from the drivers seat.
I agree...that is scary.
It reminded me of a YouTube video I saw a year or so ago.
I came home and found it....and now I feel so much better!
If you have ever wondered when your car will ever be clean again....when it will be yours and not just the Mom mobile...please watch this.
You will laugh. I promise. Then you'll want to email it to your friends...cause you know they'll laugh too!

Funny, huh? Notice anything familiar?

Have a great Monday!
We are finally getting some much needed rain!


  1. oh Jen, just what I needed this morning. . .I'm pretty sure there are some rotting apple cores in my car as I speak. . .err, I mean write!

  2. Oh my heck! That was soooo funny. The only thing I would say is that it is NOT indicative of my car though. I'm a neat freak about my ride. I keep all snacks in a large zip lock bad as well as some emergency water. Instead of golf balls rolling around, it would probably be tennis balls, but they would all be in a can.
    The only thing that would say my ride is Momed is the hand smudges on every flippin window and mirror. I don't get it. They don't even sit in the drivers seat, but their hand prints are all over my, driver's side window AND the rear view mirror. I don't tell me.

  3. Someone told me once that the condition of your car is a reflection of your life. You DO NOT want to see my car! With 4 kids that I cart around all day..what a pit! My life is messy I guess...but happy!!

  4. Cracking up! We have a driveway w/a little incline so all the kids on the cul-de-sac want to ride their bikes and skateboards up and down b/t our cars. As soon as I saw him grab that toy car and make a scratch I cringed b/c that's what the kids wind up doing to our cars.

  5. Mommed out--yep!
    I could have filmed that video.
    Thanks for reminding me that my Suburban is a "work vehicle!"

  6. Great video - totally had me laughing out loud! :)

  7. That was hilarious! After 4 years, my poor car's interior has sure seen better days - but hubby gave me a GREAT b'day gift: a full professional detail ... it was INSANE!! Felt like a new car (and not a mom car) for a few weeks afterwards ... blissful!!

  8. OH MY GOSH!! Too funny. I always say I have an entire ecosystem living in my van.

  9. We drive a Suburban. A very old suburban. It is soo mom-ed out this video is just the start. Once winter hits here it becomes a wet ugly mess. I have recently cleaned the interior and its been staying that way, so this video made me feel quite proud of myself.

  10. Too funny and I can relate, only it's not my kid, it's my messy husband...

  11. Oh my gosh that IS funny! The milk thing made me want to throw up, and that is the exact reason we only drink water in the car. :)

    Have a great week!!

  12. OmGosh too funny. The only thing I am missing is the duct tape. LOL

  13. Oh how could they do that to a car!? But oh so perfect. What about a long forgotten diaper?