Friday, August 6, 2010

Snuggle friends!

For Emily, it is "Feel Baby"...
We bought her before she was born. She waited for her on her changing table. That is where they met.
Emily liked to feel her dress when falling asleep! They have been though a lot together.
I love it when I go into her room and see  "Feel" waiting in her covers.
For Jonathan, it is "Pal".
Given to him by his cousin...can't remember when "Pal" became the one, but he even though Jonathan loves all of his MANY stuffed animals...he always come back to "Pal." 
And for Zac...this is Beaver!
He got him from his Nana last Thursday! Zac has no attachment to any special snuggle toy. He loved his pacie and his blanket as a baby, but since he gave those up years ago, he has never been attached to any other toy. He just grabs something ..or nothing...and hops into his bed.

When I was little, I snuggled with Minnie Mouse. I got her at Disney World when I was 6. I took her to college with me. She is packed up in a box in my attic with a few other trinkets from my childhood!

I wish I had a photo of her all snuggled up in my little girl bed sheets.

Look around......and take it all in!


  1. Our sons have the same sheets. I love those stripped sheets. So colorful. My oldest is the only one with an attachment. She has a purple silky blanket that stays in her bed...but has had it since she was a baby. I like that. The other two never were attached to anything. They didn't even take a paci...but they nursed my oldest didn't.

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  3. aaaaww, this is such a cute post - I love it!! My girls both have special lovies for sure (could not function without 'em!) and so did I as a girl ... lovies are the best!!

  4. what a great thing to chronicle!! Isn't time passing just a little too swiftly these days:)


  5. My son has "ducky" and can't sleep without him. When I do a final check on him before I go to bed, he always has a tight hold on him. I wonder at what age he won't want ducky anymore? I don't see him getting rid of him anytime in the near future!
    Awesome striped sheets....are they from Target?

  6. Hey Kerri! They are from Target. They are T-shirt sheets so they are super soft and comfy!
    Are you back?

  7. This is so sweet. I think every child has a favorite snuggle friend. I actually still have a teddy bear named "Emmett" that I got when I was 8 years old. I saw my daughter Paige walking around with him tucked under her arm yesterday. It made me feel good to see that.

  8. So sweet! We've got em here too. The big ballerina has a tattered bunny headed blanket. I think they call them "Lovies." For LB it's the bumpers from her crib. They are thread-bare and basically in shreds but she is still completely attached at age 6. If she's upset or hurt all she needs is her "bumpies" to calm down. I don't know what will happen when they finally disintegrate.

  9. Aidan Kale isn't attached to anything per say but he does like to sleep with an afghan my mom made him and Kam likes a blanket that has a duck at the top and satin lining. He feels the satin when he goes to sleep. Very sweet!