Friday, August 13, 2010

Can I get away with...12 on 12 ?

For the last few months I have missed 10 on 10!
I even had a wonderful reminder from Kim this month, and still... I missed it!
I thought that for just this one time, I'd make up for it with a 12 on 12.
That's 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th of the month.
Never to be repeated ...unless I forget 10 on 10 again, of course!

Early morning...the boys snuggled in the same bed. This almost always happens!

Getting ready to

Dropping off books at our little library ... 
that is now closed 3 days a week due to budget cuts...sad!  
Back home to wash all the dishes in our dishwasher....
it has been making some scary noises lately and I think it is finally totally broken! 
Bad doggie....I spared you the photo of the pee pee on the floor.

Time out for Zac. He has to be in his room. Notice that he is just on the edge of his room.
Meanwhile, Jonathan is matching socks ....a never ending job!
Cussing at the GPS because I have no idea where I am going...
and it is still "finding the satelittes"
and where is the little suction cup thingy that is suppose to hold it to the window?
Back home...Zac is reading to me while I fix a very healthy meal of Hamburger Helper.
Emily's "Black and Red" scrimmage game. A fun way to start the season! 
It is late...and I'm feeling snacky...
and look what I found hiding in the top of the refrigerator door!

12 on 12....
Posted on Friday the 13th!
Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah....
I also want to say that I am so glad that many
of you are interested  in starting the Couch to 5K running plan.
It is not too late! Fall is a great time to start a new anything...
a little routine is good for the mind, body and soul!
I am really feeling that about now!


  1. way to improvise (is that how you spell it?)!

    Looks like a great day and I recently had a serious problem with my Garmin as well. It kept wanting to take me down a road that was closed. . .

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ok, I have so much to say!
    The boys snuggling is just awesome.
    Your library is HUGE.
    I have wanted one of those watches for 2yrs.
    Now I want that margarita plate.
    You had a busy day!
    Oh, and count me in!

  3. Little library? That one looks huge!! :)

    I think I have those same yellow bowls (Southern Living?)

    I started C25K today (again) and happened to see your "" pic. I love that program, I just need to finish it this time. ;)

  4. Such a great idea! I have not run yet. Ugh!

  5. If you can get away with 12 on 12 then can I get away with 5 on 5?
    Now about that pic of the boys snugglin'.....I swear I was almost in tears. That is abosolutely adorable. That would be my Paige and Jack. They have sleep overs in eachothers rooms frequently and almost always on the weekends. They are very close. Jack will play dolls with Paige and Paige will play Legos and video games with Jack. They are two peas in a pod.
    Way to go Emily, way to dig for that ball. My Emily is looking forward to volleyball as well, but has also taken an interest in golf. Cha Ching.
    Just ordered some nice Asics, can't wait to get going.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  6. I love this idea. It is similar to the 365 project. Great challenge. The picture of the boys is too cute. Love me some volleyball too.

  7. oh my goodness!!! love this!!! from the boys snuggling right to the m&ms!! yes, library cuts here sad! i might have to try this run,walk,run!

  8. Hi Jen - thanks for following along on my blog. It's so nice to meet another runner out there! I started running 5K's last December and have been training for the Maui Half Marathon next month! [Yikes, what did I get myself into????] I love that you are motivating others to get out there and pound the's actually kind of addicting, no? :)

    Love your photos - it's always nice to get a glimpse of other bloggers lives...if that makes any sense.

    And those M&M's...were they peanut M&M's? My weakness. Seriously, I can dust a whole bag in one sitting [did I really just write that???]

    Have a lovely weekend!


  9. That's the cutest photo ever of them sleeping together!! I'll be back to read this post- just forgot to tell you that I gave you an award on Thursday. Stop by and grab it- if you don't like awards- no worries!! ;)

  10. Love them all!!
    Siblings snuggling gets me every time and that LIBRARY is awesome!! I'm a sucker for libraries too.
    Can't wait to remember to do this challenge next month and if I miss the 10th, I'll try for the 11th!!
    Enjoy the night

  11. Oh my goodness,
    I think that you
    have the CUTEST
    family, ever!!!
    When my daughter
    was 13 I challenged
    her to do a 5k, and
    we did, after a summer
    of training! She's 15
    now and wants NOTHING
    to do with running,
    so my plan backfired : )
    I was not a runner, either,
    so it was a true challenge!
    Looks like you are all
    having a wonderful summer!
    xx Suzanne

  12. LOVE that picture of your boys snuggling! It makes my heart melt! :)

    Your library is absolutely HUGE!! I'll have to participate sometime in one of these and share a photo of our tiny library! lol But, when you don't even have a stoplight or grocery store in town, your library is bound to be small. lol

    Ugh, I'm so sorry about your dishwasher. Mine died last fall and we were without one for about 6 months. We don't use paper plates or other throw out items and I was going crazy washing dishes for a family of 5. If I hadn't had a dishwasher before it would have been no big deal, but going from a dishwasher to not having one was horrible! lol I hope you get it fixed soon or get a new one soon.

    A perfect ending to your day, tucked in the butter compartment. :)

  13. What a fun blog post; I have not seen this one before. Loved looking at your day through your lens cap. So sad about the library hours due to budget cuts...they have done that with ours as well as the city pool too. And it's always fun to find a tasty treat when you need one!