Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Sneak Peek & Huge Savings.

The boys room re-do is still in progress!
We are awaiting the arrival of a few accessories to complete the project!
You may have heard the theme is SPORTS! Of course! And like most of you, we are continually inspired by a certain catalog that appears in our mailbox frequently.
Not long ago....something in there... was noticed.
A very cool baseball wall decal. I am not much for murals or borders or decals, but this I liked.
Except for the $69.00 price tag.
Especially since I would also need a football decal to go on the opposite wall.
So began my search. And look what I found!
It is the same size, and more subtle.This... I liked more! 
And for $18.95, I can get 2 decals for way less than I could have gotten one from the inspirational catalog store! 

We all love a little inspiration...but seriously, we all know we they have to pay for all those catalogs some how. Right?

Lovin' me a good deal!
Happy July!

Update... Friday, July 23rd.
I'm linking up over at Finding Fabulous....a little late....but since I just put them up yesterday (and they were super easy) I wanted to share this fabulous find!
For more Fabulous Finds...check out the linky party!


  1. OMG totally brilliant- i'm on my way to check out that site!!!!
    hope your summer is still lovely...
    melissa x

  2. I like the second one way better too!
    I'm headed to check out the site too...wonder
    if they have a tennis one?!
    Thanks Jen!
    Have a good one!

  3. Just noticed your new header.....FUN!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the sneak peeks!

  5. That IS a great deal and I like the 2nd one better too! Can't wait for the full reveal! Looks awesome so far.

  6. Hi, Jen! Thanks for stopping by & following - Oh yes, hot dog chili... I had to pay a little homage to my favorite chili, the family that owns the business is just an amazing crew of folks that i've known for years. I'm going to have to check out the walldecorshops website! :)

  7. Hey Jen.. thanks for visiting my blog. Great decal ideas. You can totally do a craft dealio for your little gal. Lots of ideas. Just get a little organization (a partner if you are doing more than 10 girls!) and watch out. Fatigue and joy all at the same time. I can't wait to hear what you whip up... xoxo Nancy

  8. Thanks for stopping by... I like the 2nd decal better. It's less intrusive, for lack of a better word. I'm going to see if I can get a basketball player. Thanks for the tip! And, I really like your blog :)

  9. I like the second one better! What a better deal too! I've been inpired by that same cataloge...and found the crafts to do said project at Michael's for $4 vs $30!

    Thanks for stopping by today! All the words regarding my "delayed" post were so nice! Thanks!


  10. I agree with everyone else...second one is much better!!:)
    I am going to stop by and see what they have for girls and the playroom.
    Thanks for the link
    Enjoy the day

  11. I LOVE getting ideas from catalogs and then finding things to do it for way cheaper! Love the decals, very cool! Can't wait to see the completed room. :)

  12. Jen, I like the second one too! The price is great too!
    Have a safe weekend ,