Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mark your calendar....and a question.

July 9th is Cow Appreciation Day!
Dress like a cow and eat for free at Chic-fil-A locations everywhere!
By free, I mean you get an entire meal...and your kids too.
For all the details ...look here!

This has become a tradition for our family.

This photo was taken a couple of summers ago....but at least you get the idea!
Look at all my little calves!
So get your costumes ready.....July 9th is the day!

And now for my question.
I am looking for a website that has reading comprehension practice for my rising 2nd grader.
Something where he can read a story, then answer some questions, etc...
The school has a web subscription that my fifth grader can use...but the practice is for 3rd graders and above.
Any ideas....anyone?
Thanks so much!

On with Summer!


  1. No idea on the reading thing. Sorry.
    But the cow idea--so on that one!

  2. The best! http://bookadventure.com can't say enough about this. It is great for the kidddos to keep up with their reading, AR, etc...during the summer or anytime. There's a link to this website on my blog to the right of the page.
    You have to create an account and sign up, but it's trustworthy and it's free.

  3. You guys all look so cute!! I love me some Chick-fil-a! :)

  4. That is such a fun way to get a free meal and we have them here in AZ...sadly we will be in MI on July 9 and there are none there...oh well!

    And sorry, but not sure about the reading think. Our school uses Study Island, but you have to have a pass word for that and I have some others but they are all geared towards kinder. If I find something I will let you know.

  5. We don't have those restaurants here in Wisconsin. I actually never even heard of them until I started blogging and would read about how good they are on everyone's blogs. I guess I need to travel to one someday.

  6. Chick-Fil-A is so awesome! Kyle is allergic to peanuts and they cook their chicken in peanut oil. Michael and I may just have to go by ourselves :D

  7. Oh my goodness!!
    Chick-Fil-A is my absolute favorite!
    But sadly none near us here in IL!!!:(
    Sorry I can't help with your question.
    Enjoy the day

  8. Jen, That is adorable! What a fun family tradition!!!!
    I don't know about the reading site, but I have a lot of teachers in my family. I will call them today and see if I can find out any info.
    Oh gosh! I remember those days! when I wasn't friends with this one or that one... ohhhh.
    I am so happy you liked my friendship post.
    Thank you!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. wish we had a CFA near us. . .cause that would be so cool and FREE. . .gotta love that!

    I want to check out that book adventure site above. . .

    Have a MOO-valous day!

  10. You guys crack me up....I've never heard of free day at Chick Filet! I cannot see my husband going for this! BTW...where's your hubby?!!

  11. Oh my gosh that is so cute!! I have never eaten there, I don't even know where there is one close to us. :(

    No idea about the reading thing, sorry! Good luck, I;m sure there's something out there that you're looking for!

  12. Lunch AND dinner....I love it! You guys are FUN!

  13. I sure wish we had a chick-fil-a around us. How fun. I would so dress like a cow for a free meal.

  14. No chck-fil-a here in Canada. But what a great picture opportunity, plus free food. How great is that? Loved the letters for the boys room. I didn't catch that one at Alissa's and it given me an idea.
    Always enjoy visiting.

  15. Ok..I don't think we have chic-fil-a's here. Do you think I can still get away with dressing up like a cow? I love cows..I think I once was one for halloween!! Moo!

  16. You have a blogging award!