Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tweet, tweet... Flop!

The other day, I was sitting here....enjoying my magazine
and the scenery...and the quiet.

When out of the top of the basketball goal post came a strange rustling sound...and a few tweets.

And then out flew...oops I mean flopped...

this very cute little guy!

For the next few minutes, we all gathered around to watch this little baby bird learn how to fly right in front of our very eyes! He flapped and fluttered and flapped some more. He chirped and cheeped and looked at us as if to say....I've got this! We cheered him on...and then he was gone...just like that! We cheered some more! Then we went on back to whatever it was that we were doing.

Life is happening all around us! 
Enjoy today!


  1. It is happening all around us and it's beautiful. What a cute little bird!

    BTW, basketball "goal" post...that made me laugh!

  2. That is fabulous! How fun for you to see!! Uplifting and encouraging for's all about the little things!

  3. Found your blog through In The Details. Love it!
    Isn't watching that little bird just like raising kids? Flop, Flop, Fly...

  4. Sweet story and sweet picture of the baby bird!

  5. What a perfect spring story! Cracking up at your "reenactment."

  6. Love the reenactment shot. Only bloggers think of this.
    And if I had scenery like that to look at, I'd be outside all the time.

  7. Haha love the reenactment! Beautiful scenery :)

  8. what a great way to get the whole fam together! We are watching a nest of baby robins right now and the kids love it!

    I love your show-n-tell!

  9. What a sweet moment to watch. I'm sure he enjoyed having his very own cheering section :)

  10. That is so cool. What a great picture of the little bird. Sweet.

  11. love this! sweet pic of the bird! your setting is lovely!!