Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An ipad review...totally unexpected!

Earlier today, I took my daughter for her regularly scheduled orthodontist appointment.  Normally the appointments last just over 20 min. at the most, however, today was scheduled to be about 1 hour due to some extensive work that needed to be done.
As I sat down with my coffee and reached for the latest issue of Southern Living magazine, the receptionist called my name. She asked me if I would like to "play" with one of the new ipads that the orthodontist had purchased for the parents who would be waiting longer than usual.  

Well, I have to say, I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to "play" or not.  I have several friends who have iphones and I have not been very successful when using them to search the internet. I'm sure it is because I have not taken the time to learn ...and after all, I am not writing to review the iphone.

So ...after a very short lesson from the receptionist, I decided to give the ipad a try.  Within minutes I was reading posts from all of my favorite blogs. I was touching the links to go in and out of websites and posts.  I was able to turn the ipad from vertical to horizontal ....and the pages turned with it. The  pages loaded very quickly and the images were crisp. It was the most fun I have had reading my daily blogs so far. 

The more difficult part was when it came to signing in and adding comments. I had to change from ABC's to 123's often to access the keys I needed, and I had to touch each key with my pointer  so it took longer to type a sentence. In spite of these things, I was able to work it out and no comment was left unwritten.

I was sitting beside the coffee and cookie bar (we have the most fabulous orthodontist) so several people came by to grab a snack. I could see them admiring my techy gadget and I felt very cutting edge. When my daughter's appointment was finished (a bit earlier than expected) I returned the ipad to the receptionist who had given it to me. I mentioned that the next time we come in (even for a quick visit),  I  will be skipping the magazines and going right for the ipad!

Even though I will not be owning an ipad of my own any time soon....I will be looking forward to taking my children to the orthodontist! 

disclaimer:  Of course, no one asked me to write this review. I just thought it might be fun!


  1. I have not tried an ipad yet. I think it would be better than a kindle for reading ebooks, but I would be worried about trying to create content with it.

  2. Hi! My friend has a kindle. It is really neat too. Thanks for stopping by.