Sunday, April 11, 2010

50 Random Things ....the next 5.

11.  I have never had a manicure or pedicure.
Yes! This is strange, I know. I really hesitate to share this one. 

12.  I love the smell of feshly cut grass!
Especially if it is mixed with the smell of steaks cooking on the grill.

13.  I work the night shift...on weekends.
During the week, I kind of feel like a Stay at Home Mom.

14.  My favorite summer vacation spot is Hilton Head, South Carolina.
In winter...anywhere with snow-covered slopes! Actually, anywhere at all.  We do not usually vacation in the winter.

15.  I am a Volleyball Mom!
I cheer, I shout, I coach from the stands, but I cannot play....Oh! I wish I could!

Amazing myself...still.
To be continued,


  1. These are fun to read! :) (shhh..but I've never had a pedi or mani either! ) LOL

  2. Hey Melissa, I am in good company then...who else?
    These are fun to write too, but it is getting harder to think of random things. Love your blog!