Friday, April 30, 2010

The Game Closet!

We love to play games and we do have our favorites!
Let's take a look inside the game closet.
Oh, I see one that you might like.
Right there in the middle.
I used to play this with my Dad when I was little.
Now I play it with my kids....and they are very good at it!

Here's a little bit of info in case you've never played.
The game is for 2 players. 
 One is a code maker and the other is the code breaker.
The goal is to discover the hidden combination of colored pegs.
Start on the bottom row, and choose a combination of colored pegs.
You will then be given red or white clues on the right hand side to help you decide 
where to go from there in figuring out the color combo.
Red = correct color, correct position. 
White = correct color, wrong position.
Try different color combinations and use the clues and
your brain to figure it out, before all your moves are up!
After one player cracks the code and figures out the color combination,
switch and let the code breaker be the code maker.
The game is great for practicing deductive reasoning skills.
And my kids love when they can stump me...which isn't very often.

What games are you playing a lot of these days?

Play nice!


  1. I LOVE mastermind! That was one of my favorites growing up! A game we just purchased also from my childhood is called Enchanted Forest. Great memory game and you get to be sneaky, hehe. That's my favorite to play at the moment! :)

  2. We like Clue and Scattegories. I've never played Mastermind but it sounds fun and challenging.

  3. We are gamers too! I've never played Mastermind...not sure I'm smart enough for that one! It's funny how we go in phases with games. Lately we have been playing a lot of Battleship! It was my husband's game when he was growing up...not the new fancy electronic one!

  4. These days it's all about peek a boo and chase! I'm sure Candyland is in my future though...Happy weekend!

  5. WE love games too. Oh my. We have been playing Pay Day lately. My kids all love it.
    Stop by my blog if you get a chance...I am having a giveaway today.

  6. So much fun to hear your favorites! I forgot all about Pay Day. I have to look for it. I miss playing peek-a-boo for sure...but Candyland, Ugghh, I do not miss that! Clue, Battleship, and Scattegories are all great....and I really need to check out the sneaky memory game. Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh we have a game cloest too! But ours is scary...when you open the door there is a chance you may be hit with a run away game! We have a lot of favs, but right now it is Payday!

  8. That's some game closet! We play Uno and Sorry a lot, and Battleship with my son. I'd love to find Pay Day, too. It was one of my favorites growing up.

  9. wow look at all those games!!! so fun! we need to start playing more games around here. thanks for the sweet comment on our blog. also LOVE the new look in your kitchen. i wish mine looked that great!

  10. love love the game closet, my hubby is to competitive when we play. Have you played apples to apples and what about banana grams>????

  11. I haven't played many games because my husband isn't crazy about them, but seriously I LOVE board games, this closet looks like heaven:)