Friday, February 12, 2010

A Birthday Surprise!

I recently turned 40! Yikes! I was expecting a surprise from my family...
You 13 year old daughter had offered to take me to the movie to see "The Blind Side". My boys were going to stay home with my husband and 'cook' me dinner. I was expecting grilled cheese sandwiches or hamburgers...something easy, but also something that they would like to eat.

Before we left for the movie, David reminded Emily to take her phone and to text him when we were leaving so that the surprise would be ready. Well, it never occured to me that there was a much bigger surprise in store. Once during our outing, my husband even called me to ask "If I were looking for a tablecloth and candles, where would I find them?" So then I was thinking about how sweet they were to be getting all fancy with the table setting.
Anyway, when the movie was over...we were about to head home when Emily starts texting...then says "Oh, the boys need a little more time, let's go in the shoe store." We both love we did a little shopping. Then....all of sudden..."Mom! Time to go, they are ready!" By this point, I am so excited about what it is they have been working on for so long. Table cloths, candles, home-made cake with little sprinkles on top, maybe. Hmmmmm!

So we pull into the garage and all seems very normal. I come inside where the house is really clean. Come to think of it, my daughter had cleaned her room earlier that day (that should have been the biggest clue of all) and the place is super quiet. My husband leads me to the dining room, where I am expecting to see 2 cute little boys with proud smiles. Then the door is pushed open and there are many big (not little) people. Friends and family stuffed into my dining room and living room. Then all I could think of was "Where are the boys? And what have they been making for me?" They had known nothing about this...and were at a friends house for the night. Crazy, huh? Then, I rounded the corner into my living room (which I could not see at first) and all I could see were more people...all the way to the back of the room. I burst out crying. They really got me!

Later that evening, I got to hear about all the sneaking, planning, secret phone calls, etc... I really should have seen this one coming! Huge thanks to all involved in this sneakiness...especially Emily and David!

And...If you are in these pics, I hope you realize how much it means to me that were a part of my birthday celebration! I mean it! You made my year!

All my best!

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