Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An attempt to slow things down a little....

And so I begin....

It is a time of absolute craziness. Life is zooming faster than I could have ever imagined. I begin this blog as an attempt to slow things down a little. I want to enjoy every day for what it has to offer in the larger scheme of life. Too often, I only document the importance and significance of the more un...usual events....and my life is truely made up of the usual happenings of my day in and day out routine. Of course, the occasional extraordinary events are welcomed as well....and will no doubt, be documented here for the enjoyment of all. I suppose this feeling of zooming and spinning comes partly from the latest milestone in my life. The big 4...0..! What? It really can't be true. I am much too young to be that old. Really!

I also have 3 "little" children...that are not so "little" anymore. I am certain that I have "turned around" way too many times, because they are almost grown. Not really... at 7, 10 and 13...they still have a ways to go, but at this speed it feels as if they will be out the door next week! Does anyone else feel an urgent need to slam on the brakes?

I do not know what to expect from this new adventure (in blogging, that is)....a therapy of sorts, a new form of scrapbooking, a diary for the whole world to read....I guess I will find out as time moves on.....much more slowly, I pray!

All my best!

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