Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Daring" and "Dangerous" Books!

These books are so pretty, but they are more than pretty! They are daring and dangerous and fun and so informative! They have been looking gorgeous on my bookshelf for several years, but just in the last few days, I have found them useful. One of them has instructions on how to make the perfect paper airplane. The other one explains how to play "Jacks" and how to paint with watercolors.
There are lessons in History, Grammar, Science and Latin....a whole curriculum if you will.
You can learn to change a tire, make a snowball, whistle with two fingers, and play poker....and so much more. And did you notice how beautiful they look?
Understanding "Morse Code", reading and writing with "Secret Ink", and a lesson on "Girls" 
These are just some of the fun and interesting lessons in this great book for boys of all ages.
The essentials in "Every Girl's Toolbox", the "Rules of Basketball"...and other games, and "Putting Your Hair Up with a Pencil", are just a few of the lessons girls will learn by spending time with this beautiful book. 
Have you seen these dangerous and daring  books?
Do you have them?
What other books have you seen that are both beautiful and full of knowledge?
It's time to read what's on the bookshelf....

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Jen, we have the Dangerous Book for Boys book! Didn't know there was one for girls! Today we are having our 6th snow day (all falling in January) but it is due to snow roads and extreme cold. I am breaking out a new puzzle today in hopes that it will make a bit of our brain matter function!! hugs, cathy

  2. This makes me want to add a few new books to my bookshelf, and do some rearranging. Max Lucado is one of my all time favorites! I got to hear him preach once at his home church in San Antonio, and I've just always loved him. Thanks for the inspirational post!