Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's for dinner? Trader Joe's!

If you shop at Trader Joe's, you must have tried the pizza dough.
And if you have tried the pizza dough, then of course, you have tasted the pizza sauce.
If simply must add a few things to your list......
-Pizza Dough (Plain or Whole Wheat)
-Pizza Sauce
-Various Pizza Toppings
This is a delicious dinner that the entire family can get involved in.
One batch of pizza dough is enough to make 5 personal size pizzas. Just roll and roll and roll the dough. Place the prepared pizza dough on the baking pan. Allow each member of the family to add sauce, cheese, pepperoni, spinach, peppers, pineapple, onions, black olives or whatever (or nothing other than cheese) they may choose! Bake according to the directions.
Add a salad or some bread sticks.
Pizza Night!
What do you love from Trader Joe's?
Do share!


  1. I have yet to try their pizza dough, but it sure does look good. I stock up on raisins and nuts and apricots and sunflower seeds, and make my own trail mix. I love the plantain chips, their low-sodium soy sauce of all things, and their greeting cards. Good thing it's 30 minutes from where we live, or I'd be in there every other day! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving week!

    1. I is just far enough away from me to be safe! I need to check out the greeting cards next time I am there! Happy thanksgiving to you too!