Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Lovely Monday!

Today is Monday and life is lovely.

It is officially Spring. The daffodils are showing off their splendor and pronouncing the soon to be warmer days and brighter nights. Summer comes right after Spring and that is exciting indeed.

We have a full fledged 17 year old living in our home. It doesn't seem possible. 16 was big...but 17 just seems old. Too old. Emily celebrated her birthday earlier this month in New York City with a group of friends from school...and with chaperones of course. She also celebrated this weekend with her family on Friday...and friends on Saturday. She has the sweetest friends...and of course, her family is amazing too.

Jonathan is celebrating his birthday early with the acquisition of an iPhone. Something tragic happened to his itouch, therefore he suckered me into getting the phone for him one month early. The best part is that with a small repair to the itouch, I'll have some really fun music to listen to if I can ever get my running shoes off the bottom of the shoe pile.

Zac and his good buddy Max took an ice hockey lesson this weekend....then we all skated.

Today marks the start of another Good Morning Girls online bible study session. I love the pace of these studies. I love that God uses his word to speak truth to me. I am anticipating a lot of ah ha moments when I realize how personal God is in the midst of my circumstances.

We have the sweetest young professional living in our bonus room. My cousin, who is out of college with her first real big girl job, is bunking with us until she finds an apartment to share uptown. She is amazing. Everyone loves having her here. She is stylish and shares her clothes with Emily. She is as neat as a pin...and unloads our dishwasher and folds laundry. She is a health food nut and she even convinced our boys to try mustard greens. They would not think of trying the seaweed salad, though. We are sad to think that one day she will move out....but I guess living with us long term is not the idea she had when she imagined her fabulous new life in the city.

My husband and I are going on dates more often these days. Quick little getaways after family dinner, for coffee and dessert...or lunch dates when our schedules allow.  I love the conversations we've been having and find that by being intentional about our getaways, we are placing great value on each other and caring for our relationship.

It can't all be rosie, but we are so thankful for the lovelies around us that cause us to pause and recognize God's great gifts!

Happy Monday and have a lovely week.

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