Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reading more than 1 book at a time!

I believe that ones night stand should hold a pile of books....and reading more than one book at a time is perfectly acceptable.
I have just recently come to believe this. I remember for years, my Mom, an avid reader, would go to bed at night about 2 hours prior to falling asleep. She would have a Newsweek, a biography, and a classic...and a local newspaper too. She would enjoy them all.  I would, for the most part, read one book at a night, by the pool, in the car line etc... I would finish that one book and head to the library for another.
Now I have a pile of books too. When I go to bed at night, if I am in the mood to read, I grab one to start and finish up with another. It's kind of like channel surfing... paperback style. "Stink", the book on the top of my pile, is the book that Zac and I are reading together.  Another girly romance, Nicholas Sparks, type novel is in my tote bag for taking to work and reading in the car line.
Lots of books...lots of choices.
You're reading more than one book right now too, right?


  1. I am reading mostly text books right now... but I typically only go one-book-at-a-time.
    However, I do keep a few on my nightstand!

  2. I am looking for something new to my kindle...can read a bunch at one time!! you crack me up!! hugs, cathy