Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cats rule and dogs drool! {Day 4 of I believe!}

I believe... cats are superior!
First of all, let me say~ I do not believe that cats are smarter than dogs...or cleaner...or better.  I have one of each and I love them both! What I do believe, however,  is that Cats rule... as in "over dogs." They are superior and have a much higher least in my house anyway!
We have a 4 year old Beagle, named Gabby. She is a dog in every sense of the word. She looks, acts, scratches, smells and barks (or howls, rather) like a dog!  We also have an 8 year old Yellow Tabby, named Snuffy. He is the cat that rules the dog....and the house...and the dog house to be even more precise.
Gabby (dog) sleeps in her crate. Snuffy (cat) sleeps on my bed. ~  Gabby (dog) eats her food when Snuffy (cat) isn't standing in front of the bowl daring her to try and get to it. ~  Gabby (dog) goes outside in the fenced backyard and then stands patiently at the door when she wants to come in. Snuffy (cat) rarely goes outside and when he is ready to come in, he meows so loudly that we all hurry to the door to let him in.. And as if that weren't enough, when Gabby (dog) is in a room in the house that she is not allowed to go in, Snuffy (cat) will meow to get our attention as to tattle on the dog! If we do not come, Snuffy (cat) will hiss and chase the dog until she is no longer in that forbidden space.
It is really funny to me. I so clearly see the ranking. The kids get mad at the cat for being a meanie....and speak sweetly to the dog.  I have tried to explain to them that what they see is respect. The cat demands it and the dog gives it!  The dog and cat co-exist nicely....because they both know who the real ruler is!
What do you think?  
In a word....Cats or Dogs? 
Enjoy your day!
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  1. I grew up with dogs and I love them. I've never had a cat. I think I'm missing out! :)

  2. That was too funny. We are allergic to cats so none for us. But we have a ton of other pets. Our dog is a dog too. He is so spoiled since he was our first "kid." I do look longingly at the cats at Petsmart. They are so cute.